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4 Best Golf Rangefinder for the Money

best golf rangefinder for the money
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  • 4 Best Golf Rangefinder for the Money
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For all you golf lovers who love to spend their Sundays on a golf club playing your favorite sport but want to do that with excellent precision and accuracy without spending a fortune, we have come up with 4 of the markets best golf rangefinder for the money. These rangefinders belonging to different brands have one thing in common and that is there affordability. All three of them cost less than $200, making them one of the cheapest and yet most precise rangefinders in the market today. Customers, especially those who have a golf tournament ahead always need something as effective as these rangefinders to help them win their game, and hence we have decided to bring them to you.

3 Best Golf Rangefinder for the Money under $200

Nikon 8397 ACULON

Nikon 8397 ACULON Cheap Rangefinder Reviews

Nikon has made its name in the market as one of the most trusted brands of digital and computerized gadgets today. This time again they have come up with a cheap rangefinder that works with laser beams as opposed to the previous golf rangefinders that used to work  with GPS system. Nikon 8379 Aculon is not only one of the cheapest range finders in the market today but it is also one of the most compact ones too. It measures 3.6 x 2.8 x 1.5 inches making it easy to handle and easy to carry. You can easily wear it around your neck or fit it inside your pocket, this device minus the battery measures only 4.4 ounces.

Nikon 8397 ACULON ReviewsWith it being cheap and compact it is also very accurate and easy to use. This device works while throwing laser beams and calculating the time they took for reaching the desired target and giving you a clear picture of where and how far away your actual target it. It uses the simple means of Distinct Target Priority Mode that measures how far your target is and excludes other things from the big picture so you can have a focused drive while playing.

Nikon 8397 ACULON Rangefinder ReviewsThis way you get an accurate estimation of where and how far you want to exactly hit. it will also give you targets that are obscured by grass or trees so you have a clear view of the entire field by standing at one single point. It gives fast results and with its 6x magnification lens it easily scans the entire field and shows you comfortable locations on its LCD. This way you can be sure where to hit and you will never miss your target. It has a great range of 300 yards. With its small and handy size, accuracy, speed of results and cost makes it one of the best golf rangefinders in the market today that are available under $200.

Breaking 80

Breaking 80 Golf LaserBreaking 80 joins the league of those efficient yet cheap golf rangefinders today that are not just great to use and give accurate results but also are available in an easily affordable price. Breaking 80 works with dual modes. The scan mode allows you to visualizes the entire field and see where your targets are and at what distances for 8 seconds.

This way you can have a clear view of the big picture so you can easily decide where you want to hit. The other mode is known as the Pin Sensor mode that works on the simple principle of First Target Priority that allows you to see where your target is by counting on to the red flag. It also does that by blocking all other obstacles around it like trees so that you know exactly where you want to hit. It comes with a CR2 V3 battery, a protective case and belt. The case and belt allows it to be easily carried across your shoulder while keeping the rangefinder safe and secure.Breaking 80 Golf Laser

It comes with a 1 year warranty by the company. It has a 6x magnification that is great to see the entire area and adjust itself to whatever distance that you may like. It can pan from 5 to 440 yards giving it a greater advantage over other rangefinders in the market today. It is legal to be used in tournaments. It is small and easy to hold in one hand due to its ergonomic design. With its dual mode action, accuracy, greater ranger and great affordability, breaking 80 is considered as one of the best rangefinders today.

Halo x ray 600

Haloxray600The Halo X ray 600 Is another cheap rangefinder in the market today that is famous for its affordability, quality and ease of use. It gives you through the scan mode a continuous shot of the entire area so you can know exactly where your target is and how you can reach it. This is a great feature as it allows you to visualize what targets are nearest and furthest from you. It also provides you with an AIT mode that is the Angle Indicating Technology. Through this feature you can know how high or low your target is located. This is an excellent feature especially for those golf fields that are not located on plain areas.

It is easy to hold and does not easily slips away from your hand while scanning. It has a 6x magnification lens that allows you to visualize a greater distance of area and view it in zoom on your screen. It can view to a range of 600 yards, with an approximation of +/- 1 yard it takes away all the guess work for the site and distance of the targets and gives you the accurate approximation hence giving you an excellent range to look at. It comes with a lithium battery and a vinyl cover that keeps the rangefinder safe and secure. Along with all that it comes on a great price and you get to have an excellent rangefinder that has a long field of range, and angle indicating technology to let you know he slope of your target and the scanning mode that gives you a continuous shot of all of your target near and far.

Leupold gx-1i the best golf rangefinder for the money 

gx-1i-golf-rangefinder-reviewThe Leopold gx-1i is certainly the best rangefinder under 300 in the maro cancel your game. Just set the device on fog mode and it will with its Digital Enhanced Accuracy technology calculate at how far your target is without letting the rain or fog interfere and give you accurate and exact results in no time. It is no surprise that this device is endorsed and liked by many golf players today.


If you are looking for best golf rangefinder for the money then go and buy any of the above mentioned cheap golf rangefinders. Take your passion and love for golf to the next level with these extraordinary golf range finders.