Bag Boy Golf TriSwivel II Push Cart Review

Bag Boy Golf Tri Swivel II Push Cart Review

The Tri Swivel II is a fantastic push cart that a golfer will enjoy owning and using. It has three maintenance free solid foam tires, an aluminum frame, adjustable handle with a durable grip and an oversize storage compartment. This trolley also has the amazing Swivel front wheel, and it is easy to fold and unfold even for first-time users.


Features and Benefits




A cart is one of those things that have the power to change your golfing experience entirely. There are many designs and types available and so finding the best should not be a problem. The Tru Swivel II from Bag Boy is among the best push carts on the market, and it will offer you more convenience than most others. Swivel II’s pivoting and swiveling of the front wheel makes it easy to push and maneuver, but it has several other advantages. All these merits will benefit you on the course in different ways, but the cart is quite pricey and in case you have trouble with the assembly the manual will not be very helpful. But, even with the few flaws, the bottom line is that it is an excellent trolley that will make mobility on the course easy for a golfer.