Bag Boy Quad Plus Golf Push Cart Review

Bag Boy Quad Plus Golf Push Cart Review

The Quad Plus comes from a line of trolleys that are famous for their ease of use and convenience of folding and unfolding. However, it brings in more stability as it has four wheels instead of the traditional three wheels that are on other Bag Boy golf carts. Just like its predecessors, it also has some wide wheels that have maintenance-free solid foam tires.

The Bag Boy Quad Plus Golf Push Cart also works with all standard golf cart bags since the front wheelbase is adjustable and hence making it one of the most convenient to own and use. Overall it performs better than most other in the market, but this comes at a cost as it is also more expensive.


Features and Benefits




The Bag Boy Quad Plus is a four wheel golf push cart that has been designed to make the life of a golfer easier so that they might concentrate more on their game. It is very stable, easy to fold and unfold and also has all the essential features that you would expect to find in a bestĀ golf push cart. The cart has also been built to serve you for many years without the need to replace it. Although it has a couple of disadvantages that are expected of any equipment the benefits outweigh them by far. And so, it is highly recommended for any golfer who wants to solve mobility issues on the green.