Bag Boy Quad XL 4-Wheel Golf Push Cart Review

Bag Boy Quad XL 4-Wheel Golf Push Cart Review

Quad XL 4-Wheel from Bag Boy is an amazing golf push cart that will make mobility on the course effortless for all golfers. It has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easy to drive and also very durable. The four wheels are maintenance free, and they give it excellent stability, and it has a handle-mounted brake that a golfer can locate and use effortlessly. Folding and unfolding are also very easy and if you add the fact that it also has an oversized storage compartment below the scorecard holder you have an excellent trolley.

Features and Benefits




Even if you are not a fan of push carts this one will still impress you because it is a class above the others. It makes mobility on the course with all your gear effortless and the four wheels give it an impressive stability. Apart from this, Quad XL 4-Wheel also has many other good things to offer a golfer that include the simple two-step folding, effective brake system, convenient Velcro straps and the fact that you get to choose from different colors. However, you should also not overlook the few flaws that some golfers complain about such as its expensive price tag. The right thing to do is weigh between the two but even when you do this, the bottom line remains that it is an excellent push cart that most golfers will love to own.