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How To Choose The Best Golf Rangefinder

Precision Pro Golf  NX7 Pro – The Best Golf Rangefinder with Slope – Our Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt – The Best Golf Laser Rangefinder for Tour – Our Rating 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Bushnell Pro X2 –  The Best Golf Rangefinder 2019 – Our Rating4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

TecTecTec VPRO500 Rangefinder – The Best Golf Rangefinder for the Money – Our Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

This is the list of the best golf rangefinder of 2019. They are top in their features and ideal to use.  A professional player or a beginner can choose any one of them according to his requirements and budget. These golf range finders are superb to use because of their extraordinary features so you can choose any one of them.

Precision Pro Golf - NX7 Pro Golf Rangefinder
  • Precision Pro Golf - NX7 Pro
  • 400 Yard Range
    +/- 1 Yard
  • 6X Magnification
    Adaptive Slope Technology
    Water Resistant
  • USGA Approved
  • Editor rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder
  • Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT
  • Max range: 5 - 1000 yards
    +400 yards to flag
  • 5x Magnification
    PinSeeker with Jolt Technology
  • USGA Approved
  • Editor rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder
  • VPRO500 Rangefinder
  • Max range: 540 Yards
    +/- 1 Yard
  • 6X Magnification
    Advanced Pinsensor Technology
    Water Resistant Body
  • USGA Approved
  • Editor rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
  • Nikon Coolshot 20
  • Max range: 6 - 550 yards.
  • 6X Magnification
    First Target Priority Technology
  • USGA Approved
  • Editor rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder
  • Bushnell Pro X2
  • Max range: 5 - 1300 yards
    450 yards to flag
  • 6X Magnification
    Slope-Switch Technology
    PinSeeker with JOLT Technology
    Dual Display Technology
  • USGA Approved
  • Editor rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

5 Golf Rangefinder Reviews

Rangefinders come in all sizes and shapes and so finding one should never be a problem. However, the real issue may be finding the right one for your game or one that will add some value to your game by offering you reliable, accurate and fast information. Whether you are a new player or a pro, there are a few rangefinders that will make your gaming experience fun and also help you become a better player. The following three are some of these Golf Rangefinder Reviews that every golfer can rely on for accurate and comprehensive measurements.

Precision Pro Golf NX7 Pro Slope Golf Rangefinder

A rangefinder is an essential golf equipment that every golfer should have when on the course as it makes distance measurement easier and more accurate. And with something high-performing and top-notch quality like the Precision Pro Golf NX7, you can always be confident of reliable and accurate measurements.

It is a convenient gadget with adaptive slope function that makes it legal for use in tournaments, target acquisition technology, pulse vibration technology and a range of up to 400 yards. Also, it has a 6X magnification and is both shock and waterproof for enhanced durability.

But what many golfers will love most about it is that it comes with a free battery replacement which will save you money in the long run as you will never have to buy a battery. And it has clear and crisp optics to make it easy to read the measurements.

Precision Pro Golf - NX7 Pro Golf Rangefinder

Via https://www.amazon.com/

Features and Specifications- What Makes It the Best?

  • Adaptive Slope: The Adaptive Slope technology is one of the key highlights of this rangefinder as it not only compensates for elevation but can also be turned off to make this a tournament legal rangefinder.
  • Pulse Vibration Technology: You will never have to guess when you lock onto your target or even have to look at the display because the rangefinder is designed to deliver a short vibration to alert you that you are locked on to the pin.
  • Target Acquisition Technology: An impressive feature designed to scan objects in your field of view and focus on your desired target to ensure maximum accuracy.
  • Range: Although the 400-yard range might not seem long enough when compared to what other high-end rangefinders have to offer, it should still be more than enough for most golf courses. And to make it even better, this rangefinder maintains an accuracy of +/-1 yard throughout.
  • Magnification: With up to 6X magnification, this rangefinder is designed to let you see the flag and other things clearer and much closer.
  • Free Battery Replacement: Besides coming with a free battery, the manufacturer also provides a free battery replacement for the lifetime of this rangefinder, and so you will never have to buy one.


  • Adaptive slope technology makes it tournament legal
  • Highly accurate measurements
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easy and accurate target acquisition
  • Water-resistant design makes it ideal for use in wet conditions
  • Picks up flag easily
  • Crisp and clear optics
  • Free battery replacement


  • Relatively short range
  • Plastic case feels a little cheaply made

TecTecTec VPRO500 Rangefinder – the best golf rangefinder for the money

Shopping for a rangefinder is not the easiest thing for a golfer since there are many options to choose from, and each one claims to be the best. However, if you want something that will save you a lot of cash and still offer you accuracy, efficiency and versatility then the VPRO500 is what you need to buy. It is very efficient in pinpointing your targets and can provide you with accurate measurements for up to 550 yards. Although it uses modern and very solid materials, it also has a soft and very sleek superficial coating to make it a very attractive machine. And the best thing is that you get all this value without having to spend a fortune.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

Via https://www.amazon.com/

Features and Specifications – What Makes It the Best?

  • High-Tech Optics: It has a state of the art optical system and a six times magnification that brings everything close. Add this to the plus or minus one-yard accuracy and you have a sound device. The other things that take it a notch higher are the multi-coated optics and finger intuitive mode of operation.
  • Trio Modes: The three modes used to locate the pin are one of the things that make the VPRO500 unique and hence worth buying. These forms include the “First Target Priority” that will focus on the flagstick despite any distractions in the background. The other ones are “ProScan” and “Distance Target Priority”.
  • Auto-Target Acquisition Tech: Unlike other rangefinders, it can slough off the signals coming from other large objects on the course and only focus on the Pin or any other target that you wish.
  • Compact and Lightweight: This device only weighs seven ounces, and this makes it one of the lightest in the market or at least within its class. Its compact design also makes it easy to carry around the course and also when storing it.
  • Sturdy and Durable: Although it is very light it is made from a very tough material, and it also has a padded casing designed to cushion it against any impacts. Its gloss surface will also prevent the accumulation of foreign particles and dust and hence ensuring that it serves you for many years.


  • It is lightweight, compact.
  • VPRO500 provides prompt measurement readouts and has an auto shut-off. Its operation is through a single button and has an adjustable control.
  • With Pinsensor Technology, this device is perfect for flag pinpoint precision.
  • It is resistant to dust and water.
  • VPRO500 is easy to carry around as well as easier storage and transport. It has straps to attach to a bag or suspend on your shoulders to use it effortlessly during tournaments and other activities.


  • The Tec Tec Tec VPRO500 was the lack of a 100% water resistant coating as a downside. Therefore, it can not use in inclement weather.

Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt – New Golf Rangefinder

Bushnell golf Rangefinders are some of the best in the market, and this is why thousands of golfers across the world trust them. Tour V4 comes with PinSeeker that helps you locate the flag and Jolt Technology that will make it vibrate when you have it locked. It also has 5X Magnification, Slope Technology in Slope version, and Fast Focus System. This rangefinder can give you distances that are anything between 5 and 1000 yards and it uses a rechargeable CR2 3-Volt battery.

Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Rangefinder Patriot Pack

Via https://www.amazon.com/

Features and Specifications 

  • PinSeeker with Jolt Tech: The PinSeeker technology will let you locate the flag even without seeing it, but this device also has Jolt, and so it will produce vibration bursts when the rangefinder locks on the pin.
  • Range: It can measure distances that are anything between 5 and 1000 yards and more than 400 yards to the flag while maintaining and accuracy of +/- 1 yard at all times.
  • 5X Magnification and Fast Focus: 5X Magnification might not seem like much, but it works with the Fast Focus Feature to ensure that you target quickly and see the target clearly.
  • Slope Technology (in Slope Version): The distances that you get when using this device are very accurate because it uses Slope Technology to compensate for elevation.
  • Battery: It comes with a CR2 (3-Volt) battery that is rechargeable to ensure convenience and continued use of the device.
  • Extras: You also get a premium carry case for transporting the rangefinder, and it comes with an impressive 2-year warranty.


  • The ergonomic design, lightweight, and compact design make it a good buy.
  • Slope technology has a huge benefit for golfers if you choose a slope version
  • It focuses very quickly.
  • The price tag is quite fair.
  • It only has one control button for everything, and this makes it easy to use.
  • Jolt feature is fantastic and also a significant advantage.
  • Bushnell Tour V4 is one of the most accurate rangefinders from Bushnell.


  • The 5X magnification is still not the best.
  • Slope feature is not legal for some tournaments.
  • It needs some steady hands to work well.
  • The battery can be quite hard to insert.

Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder

A rangefinder is one of the most helpful devices when on the course, and so you should always ensure that you have the best. The Bushnell Pro X2 is one of the best that you can get, and it features Pinseaker with Jolt Tech, a Dual Display, Slope-Switch tech and 6X Magnification. It also has Stable-Grip to make it easy to operate and an armored housing for durability.

Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder

Via https://www.amazon.com/

Features and Specifications

  • PinSeeker with Jolt: The PinSeeker is one of those technologies that you should always look for when shopping for a rangefinder. Bushnell Pro X2 has the PinSeeker technology to make it easy to locate the pin and Jolt to let you know when you lock onto the flagstick.
  • Dual Display: With this rangefinder, you get to pick between a vivid red and sharp black display depending on your preferences and the prevailing weather conditions or lighting.
  • Stable-Grip: Excessive shaking of the hands is one of the most common causes of inaccurate readings when using a rangefinder. But the Pro X2 uses Stable-Grip to make it easy to operate for accurate readings by preventing excessive shaking of your hands.
  • Slope-Switch Tech: The slope compensation feature is one of the best features of this rangefinder. But what makes it even more appealing is that it also has a Slope-Switch to make it easy to move to and from the slope compensation feature.
  • Armored Housing: This rangefinder comes in a sturdy and waterproof metal casing that protects it from damages and also makes it suitable for use even in wet weather.


  • This rangefinder is sturdy, and it has an appealing overall look.
  • You can toggle between two different displays.
  • Changing to or from the slope compensating feature is quick and easy thanks to the slope-switch technology.
  • It is an accurate rangefinder that has a long enough range.
  • The sturdy and waterproof housing prevent damages from accidental falls while also making it suitable for use in any weather.
  • It uses stable-grip to ensure that you can hold and operate it well with minimum shaking.
  • Jolt tech produces vibrations that will alert you when you lock on to your target.
  • It is a tournament legal rangefinder


  • The price will be on the higher end for many golfers.
  • Some of the features will take long to get used to, and beginners might also fuind some of the data complicated.

Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder

You do not need a large and expensive rangefinder to get accurate measurements and for convenient use because a small and compact one like the Nikon Coolshot 20 still works well. It is also a lightweight rangefinder that is easy to handle, and it will slide into the pocket with ease. And despite its small size it also comes with some impressive features.

These features include the First Target Priority Mode, 8-second Continuous Measurement, and 6X magnification. It is also a very versatile tool that you can use to target other objects besides from the flagstick, and it is weatherproof to make it ideal for use even in inclement weather.

Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder

Via https://www.amazon.com/

Features and Specifications

  • Versatile Tool: Although most golfers will use the rangefinder to locate the flag the Nikon Coolshot 20 is quite a versatile tool. You can use it to range any object that is in its sights such as trees, lakes, bunkers and even golf carts.
  • First Target Priority Mode: This technology ensures that you get the distances to the object that you target first when there are many others around it. This feature is very beneficial when targeting a flagstick that is in front of trees or bushes.
  • 8-Second Continuous Measurement: When you push the power button this rangefinder will range continuously for 8 seconds. Doing this helps you to find distances to small and thin targets such as mounds and hazards.
  • Weatherproof: You can use the Coolshot 20 even in inclement weather thanks to the choice of materials and technology that allows it to have a wide temperature tolerance and also makes it waterproof.


  • It is a small and compact rangefinder that will be very easy to handle and use.
  • Nikon makes it very user-friendly, and even beginner golfers should not have any difficulties.
  • The price is quite competitive, and this is more so if you compare to others on the market with similar features.
  • It is a USGA compliant device meaning you can use it for tournaments.
  • Apart from targeting the flag, you can also use it to target other objects that are within its range.
  • The rainproof material and its broad temperature tolerance make this rangefinder ideal for use in inclement weather without risk of damage.


  • It does not have other features like slope measurement that you can get on other high-end Nikon rangefinders.
  • Many golfers would prefer something bulkier as it feels more stable on the hand.

Who Should/Shouldn’t Use A Golf Rangefinder?

A golf rangefinder is ideal for use by all types of golfers. Those that are new in the sport will not know how to use yard markers and other things like hazards and bushes to estimate distance, and so this device will be very handy as they learn how to play.

The professional players should also use a rangefinder in their tours because most are legal. No matter how good you might be, competing with players that have one will put you at a disadvantage. However, it always vital to read golf rangefinder reviews to ensure that the device you intend to use is tournament legal because some like those with slope compensating features are not allowed.

Some Famous Brands

Just like most other golf equipment and devices, few names stand out when it comes to the manufacture of the best golf rangefinders. These brands not only produce the most rangefinders but experts and players seem to agree that they have the best in the market. Some of these top brands are Bushnell, Callaway, and Nikon.


Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Rangefinder Slope Patriot Pack

Via: https://www.amazon.com/

Bushnell has been in the business of manufacturing golf devices for more than half a century, and the company is among the industry leaders in the production of different items including the rangefinder. This golf equipment company was the first in the industry to create a hybrid rangefinder that combines futures and characteristics of both GPS and laser.

They have an extensive inventory of rangefinders that vary in price and features. Bushnell is always coming up with a new golf rangefinder almost every year, and it does this by improving their existing features or technologies and coming up with new ones.

Bushnell has a catalog of many golf rangefinder, and different golfers will prefer to use different Bushnell rangefinders. And so it is never easy to determine the best brand of golf rangefinder by Bushnell. However, judging from the number of sales and customer reviews the two top contenders are the Bushnell Tour V3 and Bushnell Tour V4.

The Tour V4 seems to have a small edge over the V3 because it is an advancement of the latter. It has a maximum reach of 1000 yards and more than 400 yards to the flag, PinSeeker with Jolt, Slope Technology and 5X Magnification with a Fast Focus System.


Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder with Slope Measurement

Via: https://www.amazon.com/

Callaway has been in business for more than a century, and it is one of the most recognizable brands in the golf equipment industry. Although they have always been famous for their golf clubs in the last few decades, they have been diversifying into other devices and now have some of the top golf rangefinders on the market.

The rangefinders from Callaway are famous for their ease of use and durability. And just like most other leading brands, they have various models in the market, and they differ in features, sizes, and prices. Callaway is always improving their devices, and every new release is always better than its predecessor

Judging from the customer and expert golf rangefinder reviews and the sales in online retail sites the Callaway 300 is their best model. It is a modern looking laser rangefinder full of some outstanding features that will help to improve your game and make sure that you enjoy all the rounds that you play.

Callaway 300 features Pin Acquisition Technology, Scan Mode, 6X Magnification and it has a range of up to 1000 yards. It is a lightweight device, and with an accuracy of +/- 1yard and so you can always be confident of getting some exact distances.


Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Via: https://www.amazon.com/

Nikon started its operations in 1917, and it is more famous for the manufacture of cameras and related technologies than golf rangefinders. However, these technologies are what make their golf rangefinder special. The company utilizes their many years of experience in the manufacture of optics to create some of the most reliable rangefinders out there.

Being a large multinational corporation, Nikon has all the necessary resources to develop some of the best rangefinders out there. However, Nikon started out by making rangefinders for Callaway. But now they have various models, and their advanced technologies are what set their products apart from the other brands.

The Nikon Coolshot 20 is their best-selling rangefinder in most online retail sites. Golfers love it because it not only has some nice features, but it is also cheaper than the top models by Bushnell, TecTecTec, and Callaway. It is also one of the lightest in the market, and it can fit into a small golf bag or pocket. Some of its main features include First Target Priority Tech, 8-Second Scanning, 6X Magnification and it has a range of up to 550 yards.

What Is A Golf Rangefinder?

In golf, distance is an essential element that you always have to take into account for success. Although professional and experienced golfers can estimate it using markers and physical things like bushes and trees it is not always accurate. A golf rangefinder is what you need for accurate and more reliable data. It is the device that golfers use to determine the distance to fixed points such as to the flag, green or a hazard.

The golf rangefinders can be a standalone device that you wear like a watch or clip on to something, or it can be software that you install on an electronic device like a smartphone or tablet. There are two types of the golf rangefinder which are the GPS rangefinder and the laser rangefinder. Although both will help you determine the distance accurately, they have some pros and cons. Understanding the merits and demerits of each of the two types is what will help you choose the best for your game.

How Can A Golf Rangefinder Help You?

A golf rangefinder is one of those things that most golfers cannot go to the course without one. But if you still do not use it here are some ways that it can help you.

1. Speeding Up Play

The rangefinder will calculate the distances to any point in seconds which is vital in speeding up play. When using these devices, you will never have to waste any time trying to estimate the distances using markers. Also, club selections are very fast because you already know what range you want to hit and so this means that you will be able to play more golf because everything is quick.

2. Compensate For Slopes Or Elevation

Modern rangefinders have a slope compensation feature which will be very helpful for a golfer. Although most professional tours do not allow for this feature, it will still add some value to your game. With the slope compensation, you will be able to get very accurate distances because the device takes slopes and elevations into account when doing the measurement. Slope compensation is something that is almost impossible to do when relying on yard markers.

3. It Will Boost Your Confidence

By eliminating any doubts about the distance and the club that you need to use, a golf rangefinder will help to boost your confidence with every shot that you make. If you have few uncertainties when making a shot, you will be able to give it your best, and since you already know the average distance from each of your clubs, it will be easy to reproduce it.

4. Data Gathering

Apart from just telling you how far you are from the flag or green, a golf rangefinder is also a very useful data collection tool. The more the data that you get, the better you will become at the sport because you will know what to improve. A rangefinder lets you know the distance that you get from each club, and so you will always know what to use for every shot which is a huge advantage when on the course as it will help improve your overall performance significantly.

Which golf rangefinder is best?

There are many ways that amateur golfers and pros can improve their game, but the use of a golf laser rangefinders is perhaps one of the most useful ones. These devices might not give you tips on how to improve your swing or anything close to that but the information you get from this device will help you a lot. Although these devices have only been around for a few years, they have made a significant impact on the game. It is this impact that has led to the development of various types of golf rangefinders and similar devices. This golf rangefinder buyer guide will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of golf rangefinders currently available in the market.

Which type of golf rangefinder is best for you?
Golf GPS HandheldGolf GPS WatchGolf Laser Rangefinder

Golf GPS Handheld

These devices are mainly tasked with measurement of yardages. However, nowadays most of them are packed with features to help in course management. The Golf GPS Handheld is an excellent device to have, but it also has some advantages and disadvantages.


  • This device is very simple to setup and operate. It comes with a few well-labeled buttons, and so any golfer should quickly figure them out.
  • The readings are easy to see and read thanks to the large and bright LCD screen that also has a backlight feature.
  • This device is very light and hence easy to walk around with during a game.
  • It is tough and weather resistant. This is a significant advantage for many golfers because it means that they can use it anytime they want even when playing during severe weather conditions.


  • The readings keep on fluctuating, and the golfer will only get an accurate reading if they give the device some time to pinpoint their location. However, some GPS systems use modern technology to solve this problem.
  • This device does not give scoring and statistics and so besides from yardage a golfer will not benefit from any other reliable information. Due to this, they might be forced to buy a different device like a GPS watch if they want additional info.

Golf GPS Watch

Innovation, creativity and the need to make range finding simple for a golfer are what led to the development of the Golf GPS Watch. Although different people may describe it differently, this is simply a distance finding the device that brings together style, comfort, and convenience.


  • The best golf GPS watch is light and comfortable on the wrist, and you would hardly notice it is there.
  • This device also has a long battery life. If you buy one from a reputable manufacturer, you will never have to worry about it running out of charge in the middle of a game.
  • It is also very fashionable, and it has all the basic watch functions, and so you can use it as a standard watch besides from using it for golfing.
  • Some GPS watches can also be used to record statistics scores and other valuable information to help a player improve his game.


  • Due to the convenience offered by this device, they are quite expensive and so you should be prepared to part with a significant amount of money to get one.
  • The screen stains easily if you do not take good care of the watch.

Golf Laser Rangefinder

These devices use a laser beam to determine the distance to an object. Although they work using different technology from GPS devices, they serve the same purpose.


  • The primary benefit of the Laser Rangefinder is that it is very accurate. In fact, many golfers find it more accurate than most GPS devices.
  • They come with thousands or readily installed courses, and so there will not be a need to download courses.
  • With this device, there are no continual subscriptions needed and hence making sure that you will not spend more than the purchase price of the device.
  • Allows you to readily find the distance on any target as it is very flexible.


  • These devices are more expensive than Golf GPS due to the technology they use.
  • It is hard to get readings under certain conditions for example during foggy days and on frosted surfaces.

The golf laser rangefinders are used by the professionals or the other golf lover players to measure the distance and to locate the targeted objects. The best golf rangefinder comes with a variety of features and technologies. The more advanced golf rangefinders have innovative technologies to make the game easy and fast. Here the top most brands and models of golf rangefinders are discussed along with their advanced technologies and distinctive features. This list is being compiled after reading golf rangefinder reviews.

How To Choose The Golf Rangefinder

Things to consider to buyingMistakes to avoid while buying

Things to Consider to Buy a Golf Rangefinder


Features are the most important things to consider when shopping for a rangefinder as they are what determine the value that it will offer you. Apart from the basic ones that you can find on any of these machines you should also consider one with advanced ones like the Jolt Technology, ESP and also a Vivid Display. And if you are looking for a device with many and advanced features then you can try the Bushnell Pro X7 with 7x magnification, PinSeeker, and Jolt.

Maximum Distance Range

Knowing the maximum distance that a device can measure is also vital for a golfer as this determines how beneficial it will be for him or her. Most will measure more than 400 yards, but the Tour V3 from Bushnell can cover up to 900 meters and this way much more than most others on the market.

Size and Weight

You are likely going to walk with your rangefinder around the course for several hours, and this will be very tiring if it is heavy. The machine should also ideally be small and compact as this will also make it easy to transport. Considering weight and size is vital, and if this is your primary concern, then you should go for a compact and a lightweight device such as the 8397 ACULON from Nikon.

Approval by USGA

It is also vital to know whether a device has permission from USGA or not. Considering this will ensure that you can use it for tours, but it might not be important for you if you only need something to use when playing with your friends over the weekends. A rangefinder like the Bushnell Tour Z6 has an impressive customer rating, and one of the main reasons behind this is the fact that it has USGA approval.

Ease of Use

A professional or experienced golfer will have little to no trouble using any rangefinder, but the same is not the case when it comes to newbies. Some machines are quite complicated, and they will give you a hard time when on the green. And so it is crucial to choose a straightforward device such as the Nikon Coolshot 40i, and this is more so if you are a newbie.


When shopping for anything, it is always important to consider your budget, and so the rangefinder is not an exception. There are several options to choose from and different brands available, and you can be confident of finding something that you can afford. However, if you are looking for something quality when shopping on a budget, you should go for the VPRO500 from TecTecTec. It is a very efficient device that will give you accurate measurements for up to 550 yards.

Customer Reviews

Every informed golfer knows the importance of reading customer reviews when shopping for anything. These customer reviews enable you to get a firsthand account on what other players have to say about a rangefinder before buying one. You can find reviews on reputable online retail sites such as amazon.com. By reading them, you will know everything you want about any device, and you also get to compare them.

Do you need slope on a rangefinder for golf?

A rangefinder with a slope mode provides distances that are more accurate, and it will come in handy for club selection and when you are trying to improve your game. It is an excellent choice when practicing, but you cannot use it for most tournaments.

If you are playing or planning to feature in the USGA or PGA, you do not need a rangefinder with a slope mode because the rules and regulations of these tournaments do not allow players to use them. However, if the device that you are using allows you to switch off the slope mode, it can still be okay to have when playing at the professional level.

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying A Golf Rangefinder

If you are planning to buy a golf range finder then it is very important to avoid following mistakes:

Lack of Proper Research

Most of the people lack the research ability while buying the golf range finder. They are unaware of the price, qualities, features and the best models available in the market. So they go for an option that is not correct. That can lead you to buy a poor and inefficient range finder. So it is very important to do a proper research to buy the best rangefinder for the money.

Neglecting the Reviews

Most of the people neglect the reviews of the other people as if they are wrong. It is very important to check the reviews of the authentic sites where experienced people have shared their views about the golf range finder. That will help you to find the valuable golf rangefinder for you. But if you will not consult the reviews of the experienced people then it will lead to you to buy an erroneous product.

Tournament Legal Golf Range Finder

If you neglect the type of the range finder then it will create a problem for you. Like the tournament legal range finders are specified for the tournaments and you cannot use the other range finders for that purpose. You cannot also use the slope edition range finders for the tournaments and professional playing.

Buying of Unauthentic Brands

It is also very important to buy a range finder with a perfect brand. If you go for those brands that are unauthentic, then you will get the poor quality product. So it is better to buy a golf range finder of a reputable company. Nikon is considered one of the most leading brands of the optics. The Nikon 8397 ACULON is the fastest and the most precise range finder. That is user-friendly with its compact body and speed as it gives the quick distance measurements. In short, laser rangefinders are the best thing to playing the golf game precisely and without disturbance. These range finders will make it easy to play the game by measuring the distance, detecting climatic conditions and elevations. It is ideal to use the range finders with all these extra features to practice and learn the game. But if you are a professional player, then it is better to follow the rules of the game.