Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer review

Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer review

I have always been fascinated by golf wearables despite the fact that I have had my own share of disappointments with some of the devices I have bought. However, when I saw the Blast Motion Golf Swinger analyzer I knew it was special even before I used it.


Once I had downloaded the app on my Smartphone, I was good to go. The analyzer also easily attached to my drivers and putters without interfering with my game at all. Morever, I could replay and share my video and metric highlights to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. I was looking for a device that would help improve my putting experience in the greens, but I go away more than I had hoped for. With the aid of the accurate measurement of different metrics that Blast Motion provides, I am now able to put almost everything that I look at, and I think it is a best golf swing analyzer  I have so far.



Features and Specifications

Easy of Use

The Blast Motion Golf Analyzer is very easy to use, and so you will not have any trouble figuring it out. You first need to recharge the analyzer fully and as it is recharging you should download and install the app on your device. The last step is to attach the analyzer on the top of your putters or the grip of your drivers and connect it to your Smartphone using the Bluetooth Smart Technology.



Besides from the high level of accuracy that the Blast Motion offers you it will also record all your action in real time. These recordings are vital because you can use them during a game or review them later to determine the areas you need to work on.


The Blast Motion Golfer analyzer is trusted by dozens of professional players as it has been used by PGA, LPGA, and many other champions. If the best golfer trusts and uses it then, any other golfer will benefit greatly from this analyzer. Having used and tested it, I would highly recommend it for any golfer.