Breaking 80 Golf Laser – A Cheap Rangefinder

Breaking 80 Laser Range Finder
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Review Summary:

The conclusive outcome is that the Breaking 80 Golf Laser Rangefinder is the best in this price range. Its features like target distance measurement are comparable to some of the high end rangefinder.So you need a cheap rangefinder which fulfills your need and is not heavy to afford.

A Cheap Rangefinder

Passionate golf players always want to put their best performance and win the match. They are willing to go for as many as resources as possible. They seek help of newest technology, tools and techniques for that.

A golf rangefinder is a technology product which allows golf players to have better information of their target. It increases their accuracy and they can enjoy their game. These rangefinders are priced differently having different features.

It is very hard for you to know which product would suit your requirements completely. Even if you know the requirements clearly and can match them with its features, you need to see your budget as well. So you need a cheap rangefinder which fulfills your need and is not heavy to afford.


  • Accurate readings through 3rd generation technology of advanced pin-sensor which provides priority to your 1st target
  • The LCD display is easy to read and very clear.
  • The optics is multi-layered resulting in clear and bright images.
  • The measurement can be continuous as well as single for up to 8 seconds.
  • Allowed to use in tournaments


  • The features are limited when compared with elite-end rangefinders but it has a way better price than them.
  • The measurement of distance is without adjustment of slope.
  • Not recommended for very measurement of long distance targets.

Features of a Breaking 80 Cheap Rangefinder

Breaking 80 Laser Range Finder


So you have made the budget and now are looking for the rangefinder in it has the required features. The primary purpose of this item is to give player precise information about their target. The information also needs to be provided quickly so the players can play in a better way.

The Breaking 80 Golf Laser Rangefinder is the ideal solution for you as it is made to focus on your target rather than going astray through other surroundings. It is the best product available at this price. We have shared its features so you can have a better virtual look at the product before trying it.

Dual Mode: It comes with the dual mode. You can focus on your target via Flag Seeking mode or you can have a general view through Scan mode. You can do it up to 8 seconds.

Extra Range: It can magnify up to 6X through its multilayer coated monocular lens. You can take the range of objects as far as 5-440 yards. Consumers have remarked that any target which is 150 yards away or closer than that can easily be found. There is some difficulty after that but you can get a good approximation.

Correct Readings: A golf player gets irritated when unwanted objects get in between and create hurdles in knowing the distance to your actual target. The target’s diameter, as normal with the game, is not even an inch. The advanced generation 3 pin-sensor technology in the rangefinder helps to remove the wrong readings of background items and gives a clear focus and an excellent reading of your target on its clear as crystal LCD display.

Colors Available: You can get it in 1 of the 4 colors of black, white, red and orange.

Breaking 80 Laser Range Finder


Water-Resistant: It comes with waterproof feature but it is not recommended to use underwater. It is made to survive in rain and still provide clear and bright view.

Convenient: It comes with a clearest LCD display in which you can see the measurements and take the reading with an ease. It comes with a case so you can carry the rangefinder safely and handle it hassle-free. Its lightweight and compact structure and ergonomic make allow you to handle it with a single hand.

Who Should Buy?

This product is ideal even for professional golfers. The players who look to play golf during their academic life would enjoy playing with it as its special flag seeking mode provides an accurate reading to the target.

What Customers Say?

The overall rating till now has been 3.9 (out of 5). Customers seem more satisfied with its compact design and hassle-free usage. Some customer talk that it is difficulty in reading of the pin. The safe way, as mentioned in manual, is to through the laser several times for confirmation. The old users suggest that as the time passes and you use it, you get to know when reading is accurate and when you need to check.


The conclusive outcome is that the Breaking 80 Cheap Golf Rangefinder is the best in this price range. Its features like target distance measurement are comparable to some of the high-end rangefinder. Its competitive edge is availability of 3rd generation advanced pin-sensor technology in such a cost-effective budget. Not only this, but this product has an amazing discount at Amazon which makes the product even more budgets friendly.

  • Updated October 4, 2018

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