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Breaking 80 IS500 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Breaking 80 IS500 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Buying a rangefinder is one of those things that every golfer seems to have trouble with and as a golfer, I also have problems but the Breaking 80 IS500 laser rangefinder has provided me with all the solutions. It has all the essential features that you will ever need in the best golf rangefinder but what I like most about this device is the exact pin distances that it gives you. The measurements are very accurate, and so you never have to guess where the pin may be. When using this rangefinder, you will see a significant improvement within a short time as your scores will get low due to the better course management that it gives a golfer.


Features and Specifications

  • Dual Mode: Breaking 80 IS500 rangefinder gives you the freedom of a dual mode since you can use the Flag Seeking technology to focus on your target or use the Scan Mode for up to 8 seconds.
  • Extra Range: The rangefinder allows you to magnify up to six times (6X Magnification) thanks to the monocular lens that is multilayer coated. The rangefinder also gives you an extra range as you can get accurate measurements between 5 and 550 yards.
  • Pin Sensor 3 Software: The Pin Sensor 3 Software is probably the best feature in this rangefinder as it lets you locate the position of the Pin accurately. It eliminates everything in the background and focuses on the first target that you selected.
  • Colors: Just like its predecessors the manufacturer offers you an option to choose from four different colors that include black and silver.
  • Water Resistant: With this rangefinder you never have to worry about protecting it from the elements as it has a waterproof casing, but you cannot use it under water.
  • Display: It has an excellent LCD screen that lets you see and take measurements under any weather. The screen is very high quality, and so you can still see the readings even under the sun.



Accuracy is one of the primary things that golfers look for in a laser rangefinder, and the Breaking 80 IS500 excels in this. With this device, you will never have to worry about getting measurements that are many yards off the mark as it has been designed to give an accuracy of plus or minus a yard. The device maintains the accuracy for distances with yardages of up to 550, and this range is longer than what most others will measure. With this rangefinder, you will never have to guess anything as you will get all the measurements that you need on the bright screen.


  • Uses Third Generation Advanced pin-sensor technology that gives priority to your fast target and hence ensuring that you can locate the pin even without seeing it.
  • Has a very clear LCD that makes data easy to read. A clear LCD is a significant advantage because even some of the best laser rangefinders seem to have an issue with the screen.
  • The Breaking 80 IS500 has been allowed for use in most tournaments in the US. However, it is always good to find out if the particular tourney you want to play allows it before you buy.
  • It is compact and lightweight, and so you will not have any trouble walking around with it for several rounds of golf.
  • You can choose to have continuous or single measurement and hence Breaking 80 IS500 will give you more versatility and freedom than most other rangefinders.
  • The device also comes with a lifetime replacement plan.


  • The features of this device are limited when you compare it to other high-end rangefinders currently on the market. However, it has more features than most others within the same price range.
  • When measuring the distance it does not adjust for slope and so you will not get the same accuracy as you would get from devices with this feature.


However, what gives it an edge over the other devices is that everything seems to work as required and it also has a brighter and clearer screen than the other rangefinders. Comparing the merits and demerits it is evident that it will offer you more advantages and so this makes it a good buy especially given its affordable price.

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