Breaking 80 Slope Laser Intelliscan 600 Review

breaking 80 slope 600
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Review Summary:

There might be many ways for golfers to improve their game, but the use of golf rangefinders is one of the most useful ones. One such effective rangefinder is the Breaking 80 cheap Rangefinder. Besides from being one of the most affordable rangefinders in the market it is also one of the best.

Breaking 80 Slope Laser 600 Review

Breaking 80 provides consistency and laser accuracy that lets you range flag from as far as 300 yards. All this is done without having to use any prisms or reflectors. To make sure that you never have to worry about running out of charge a 3V CR2 battery powers this wonderful device. This golf rangefinder has a compact design and features a six times magnification capability with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle and move around with.

Breaking 80 SS600 Golf Slope Rangefinder



  • This device is lightweight making it easy to work around with on the course. Thanks to its ergonomic design it is also comfortable to hold.
  • Using the Breaking 80 cheap Rangefinder is possible under rainy conditions since it is water resistant.
  • It can be used in tournaments since it has been tested and certified to be a legal instrument for use in golfing tournaments.
  • Compared to similar devices it is very cheap especially given the fact that it offers you the same value as the other more expensive devices.
  • The accuracy and consistent of results will leave you a happy golfer. In fact, its margin of error is only + or – one yard.
  • Breaking 80 has a long battery life that is attributable to the 3V CR2 battery that it uses.


  • It does not have many features, especially when compare with more expensive rangefinders.
  • The distance measured has no adjustment for the slope, and so this might affect the accuracy.
  • It cannot be relied upon when measuring very long distance targets.


  • Dual Mode: It comes with a dual mode that lets you choose how you want to focus on your target. With the dual mode, you can use Flag Seeking to focus on your target or have a general view using the Scan mode.
  • 6X Magnification: Using its multi-layered monocular lens this rangefinder can magnify up to six times. It can also take the range of an object that is as far as 440 yards.
  • PinSensor 3: This device has been equipped with the latest PinSensor technology that lets you locate a target even when it is overlapping with a different item.
  • Intelliscan Technology: This technology uses a radar system to estimate the distance to your target accurately.
  • Water Resistant Construction: The finishing of the Breaking 80 cheap Rangefinder is water resistant to make it possible for use in severe weather conditions.

What Customers Say

Breaking 80 SS600 Golf Slope Rangefinder


The fact that this rangefinder has an almost perfect rating in all the common online retail outlets is enough to show what most customers think about it. Most customers seem to be more satisfied with the compact design and ease of use. For other the price is what makes them happier because the device provides them with more value than other that cost twice as much. However, there is a small group of customers who say that it has some difficulty in reading the pin. An older user will, however, say that the more you use it, the better you get to be more conversant with it and hence know how to use to get accurate results.


Considering all the features, pros and cons and what customers have to say the Breaking 80 cheap Rangefinder is the best in this price range. Some of its features are comparable to more expensive devices. All in all this rangefinder will be a good companion in the green for both newbie’s and pro golfers.

  • Updated October 4, 2018

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