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Bushnell Hybrid Laser & GPS Golf Rangefinder Reviews

Everyone wants something extra but it is universal rule that you have to pay for everything. This rule has changed after the launching of Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker Laser GPS Unit as it offers two things in the price of one saving you a lot of money. If you are a golf player then Bushnell offers a special gift for you in the form of best golf rangefinder ever. Do not confuse it with those typical rangefinders that fail to give accurate readings. It is the first hybrid unit of its kind.


• Reasonable price

• Accurate readings

• Good display

• Durable

• Easy to use

• Good battery timing


• Screen is bit smaller

Bushnell Hybrid Golf Rangefinder Reviews from Experts

Bushnell Hybrid GPS Unit is different from ordinary golf rangefinders in several ways. Though, there are a large number of golf laser rangefinder reviews available online yet this is a small effort to identify the distinguishing features of this great device. Following are a few features that make this device best.

Hybrid Model: Golf players have to buy GPS system and gold rangefinder separately which costs high. Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker Laser GPS Unit is hybrid as it allows you to find golf range and it also has a GPS system at the same time.

Good Range: Golf players must check the range of golf rangefinder before buying it. This device has the range of 10 to 1000 yards which is much larger than other similar devices. It can give exact readings when it comes to measuring the distance to the green, flag or any other specific location.

Accurate Readings: Another distinguishing feature of this unit is its accurate readings. It uses Pinseeker technology in order to make sure you never lose the game. Its readings are just 1 yard above or below the exact amount whereas other rangefinders have 2% to even 5% chances of error.

Good Battery Timing: A very common problem with golf rangefinders is their low battery timing. This device luckily does not have this problem. Its battery can run for 16 continuous hours without any problem.

Rainproof: You never know when weather changes. Rain may ruin your mood as well as your game but not with this great device as it is rainproof. This means that now not even rain can stop you from playing your favorite sport.

Reasonable Weight: The first thing people think when they come to know about its hybrid nature is that it is heavily weighted but the good thing is that it is not as heavily weighted as it is it looks.

25,000 Courses: The special thing about this unit is that it has a database of 25,000 courses available. You can have access to these courses without paying any registration fee. You can also add any course in the database if you want. Isn’t it great?

Highly Efficient: Most of the golf players avoid hybrid device thinking that combining two functions in one device may decrease the effectiveness and reliability of the device but this is never the case with Bushnell hybrid Pinseeker laser GPS unit as it is more efficient and reliable than those typical GPS systems and golf rangefinders.

Ready to Use: Unlike other rangefinders, you do not need to have any hardware or software for using it. Just take it out from the box and start using it.

Tournament Play: The interesting thing about this device is that it is legal to use it in tournament play. 90% of the professional gold players use Bushnell devices during tournaments.

Accessories Included: This unit comes with USB charger, a carrying case and a fine piece of cloth for cleaning purposes. It also has a user manual that help new users in getting to know about its features and usage.

Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS Rangefinder

Who Should Buy Bushnell Hybrid Pinseeker?

Not every product is good for everyone; but this rule does not applied to Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS unit. This device is best for new users who have recently developed interest in golf as it is easy to use and has a simple mechanism. Professional golf players may also buy this device due to its hybrid model and its extraordinary features.

What Customers Say?

Reading RangeFinder Reviews given by customers help you to get insights about the product, information no one else tells not even the manufacturer. This GPS unit is amongst those very few units that received a positive feedback score of 4 from customers. Majority of its customers liked its performance.


Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS unit received a very good feedback from its customers which can easily be seen by reading golf laser rangefinder reviews. It is very difficult to have so many features in one device. Though, its price seems a bit high yet its benefits exceed its price so if you want anything reliable, user friendly, durable and highly efficient then do not think, just go and buy this Bushnell rangefinder.

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