Bushnell Neo iON Golf GPS Watch Review

Bushnell Neo iON Golf GPS Watch Review

Bushnell never disappoints when it comes to the manufacture of golf GPS, and this is one of the reasons why I tried out the Neo iON. It builds on the success of the Neo XS, and although it does not have any new outstanding features, everything seems to work better than its predecessors. The battery life is very impressive, and you can be sure that it will last for three rounds. Another thing that is amazing about it is the short measurement feature because at the press of a single button you can be able to tell how far you hit the ball.

Features and Specifications


It is hard to narrow down a few benefits that you get from using this GPS watch because it will change your golfing experience entirely. However, the biggest advantage that you get from using the Neo iON is consistent and reliable information as and when you need it. It is not top of its class by chance because every golfer who uses it always has some positive things to say about this watch. Other benefits that you get include the ease of use and the ability to sync data to your computer for future reference.




Neo iON builds on the success of its predecessor the Neo XS, and so you can be sure that it is a top notch GPS watch. It has an impressive battery life that will make sure that you can go for three rounds on a single charge. This revolutionary watch is the best in its class and on top of all the other advantages that you get from it, you can always be sure of reliable and consistent performance. The few flaws such as lack of some hazards and bunkers or the cost do not take anything away from it. And so if you are looking for a GPS watch that will help take your game a notch higher, the Neo iON is perfect for you.