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Bushnell Neo XS Review


  1. It is more accurate than most other similar devices. Speaking from experience, this is the most accurate GPS device I have ever used.
  2. It is very easy to use as everything is straightforward, and you do not need to have any prior experience with similar devices to use it.
  3. It is waterproof up to 10m meaning that you can still use it even when you are playing under wet conditions.
  4. This device is also very affordable. At $199 it lies in the lower price range of GPS devices


  1. It does not have a feature for scoring and statistics.
  2. Although it is easy to use the initial course database update might be a clunky process for you.


I have been golfing for a very long time, and I always want to keep up with the latest technology. Although some people might argue that these technologies add no value to your game I have seen on a firsthand account the impact that they can have on your game. However, before I came across the Bushnell Neo XS GPS device, I had given up on using any GPS device in my games.

The reason for this is not that they did not work but because I always forgot to charge them and so the device was never available for my next game. After my round, I used to throw the device together with everything in the bag and that was it. Unless my wife or son reminded me to recharge, it would never cross my mind and so for the next game I had to use markers and hunches to estimate distance.

Features and Specifications of the Bushnell Neo XS review

To understand better how this simple device made my gaming experience far much better than I could have ever expected here are some of its features and specifications.

  • Design and Setup: Bushnell had already set the bar high with NEO-X and NEO+, and so the NEO XS builds on this. It is not a complete redesign of the two devices that came before it, but it is an improvement of both. It takes on a more circular design to make it look more like a wristwatch. Concerning the setup things could not be easier as all you need is to charge it up, and it will be ready for use.
  • Auto-Advance: During play the watch will automatically advance to the next hole, but you can also change holes manually using the up and down buttons on the watch. However, the auto-advance feature cannot be disabled.
  • Odometer: NEO XS comes with an odometer that measures the total distance that you have moved, the speed in miles per hour and the total time taken.
  • Watch features: Besides from the GPS features, this device also has most of the traditional watch features like countdown timer, alarm and stopwatch.
  • Preloaded Courses: This device comes preloaded with thousands of courses not just in the USA but from more than thirty countries around the world. Although I have not gone through it to ascertain this, it has more than 33,000 preloaded courses.


Benefits of using the Bushnell Neo XS

  • It makes things easier for you as you do not have to use markers or hunches to estimate distance.
  • This golf gps watch is light and thin which make it very portable. With the NEO XS, you would hardly ever notice it is there.
  • As a golfer, you will benefit from the various features that this device has, for example, the odometer and the watch features.


As a golfer who values every aspect of my game the time spent with the NEO XS has been an enriching experience. Besides from the lack of scoring and statistics everything else about it is perfect. I would highly recommend this device to any golfer out there whether they are pros or beginners.

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