Bushnell Tour v3 Slope Laser Rangefinder Review


There are multitudes of laser rangefinder reviews from real customer experiences vouching for the rewards associated with the Bushnell V3 Slope as the tip top choice for golfers. Though retaining the features of the outgoing Bushnell Tour V2-gen, including 5x magnification, 5-1000 yards range performance and an accuracy +/- 1 yard, the Tour V3 boasts Bushnell-inspired JOLT vibration technology that intermittently bursts in response to the PinSeeker technology locking against a target. It is arguably the best laser rangefinder you will come across on the market, incorporating a unique Slope Technology that aids in estimating inclined levels of slopes either up or down to get compensated range.

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Features of the Bushnell V3 Slope laser rangefinder

Range Finding Ability and Technology

This device offers a range estimating-performance from 10 to 1,000 yards and 300 yardages to flagstick with +/- 1 yard accuracy in pinpointing the flag. It shows distance dimensions with the aid of the PinSeeker Technology along Jolt Vibration that automatically activates when the latter is triggered, giving out gentle vibrations to confirm target location. The slope compensation weighs the level of inclination, providing measurements for upward or downward terrains. It features 5 x magnifications to zoom a target and ensuring meticulous selection of target location.


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The Bushnell V3 is a vertically single-hand gripped range finder enhanced through an ergonomic-friendly design, is lightweight, compact and coated with rubber. It is offered with a zippered housing case from protection against impacts or water; it can be opened at an angle of 35 degrees, featuring nets sideways to prevent the range finder from falling off as you embark on rounds. The case is easily attached to a bag or other items with the help of an elastic loop black carabiner.


The Bushnell V3 runs on a single multifunctional button mainly for powering on or off and is mounted on top. It is also fires the range-finder’s laser and equally adjusts settings, for instance changing yards to meters or deactivating the JOLT feature. The SCAN mode offers incessantly updated LCD displayed information as you move across the landscape. As is common with most devices and features from most golf rangefinder reviews, pressing the key button kicks off laser firing and displays returning distances. Bushnell displays handy golfing information like aiming circle, distance dimensions and cross-hairs. Also notable on the operation side is the +/- 2 diopter adjustment eyepiece which is user-friendly.


The Bushnell V3 Slope is offered with 3 volts batteries that ensure you have long-lasting range finding expeditions. There is a Posi Thread Door to the battery compartment.

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Only 5x magnification


In line with the manufacturer’s predications, the range falls between 5 to 1000 yards under optimum conditions and a 300+ yards distance to the flag. It is highly effective in pinning down objects within its scope and can accurately single out targets from 150-to-350 yardage.

Since it integrates novel high-tech JOLT vibrations, the range finder allows the user to capture multiple target locations and prevents dimensions from being misrepresented owing to unfavorable backdrops.

Yes, flowing from the foregoing Bushnell V3 Slope review, it is an ideal option as it is pocket-friendly, adopts up-to-date technology and features slope distance compensation. It offers fast and perfect readings, albeit without verification. What’s more, it boasts top-of-the-line JOLT Vibrations and PinSeeker technological enhancements to boost the overall performance of the device.