Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder review


Compared to other rangefinders its type, Bushnell rangefinder is among the best and advanced golf rangefinders you can find in the market. With the exchange technology, it allows the golfer to use patented slope technology and transition to a device that conforms to USGA when the face-plate is engaged. It also comes with a dual display technology for easier toggling between the red displays. Unlike other rangefinders distance finding is unlimited. You can find any distance for example where there are trees, sand traps and more. To be able to appreciate what this range finder can do, let us take a look at some of its salient features that makes it reign at the top list.

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  1. 6x magnification
    This enables accuracy when it comes to yardages. The magnification ranges from 5 to 1300 yards and provides the accuracy to minus or plus 0.5.
  2. Dual display
    This allows toggling between crisp black or red display depending on your preference or lighting condition.
  3. Exchange technology
    Provides slope and makes it legal for the tournament. With any elevation change, the technology gives you accurately adjusted yardage which is usually illegal in tournaments, but not with Bushnell Tour X rangefinder.
  4. Second generation E.S.P
    This enables faster and more accurate yard estimation saving you the trouble of miscalculating the distance to your target.
  5. Bushnell Tour X Jolt technology pin seeker
    This is to locate your target easily. For efficiency, it responds immediately by vibrations when it is locked onto the target. This is quite efficient especially when you have limited time.

Via https://www.amazon.com/



Price: Price of Bushnell Tour X is around 465 dollars, some of its users find it quite expensive, but its competitors (rangefinders its type) are even worse. Compared to range finders its type and with the same price, Bushnell Tour X range finder works best and worth the price.


Opinions will always differ. You might either get misled or get guided the right way depending on the amount of research you are willing to do before you get hold of any golf rangefinder product. According to my experience, you will come across the negative and positive reviews, but when the positives exceed the negatives, then you have the right product to go for. Below is a summary of Bushnell tour x review from different customers to enlighten us about some the issues we might stumble upon when using Bushnell Tour X rangefinder.


However how much Bushnell Tour X range finder proves convenient there are a few issues that still need improvement, according to some of its users. Among the complaints are false reading especially where there are trees. Some say it is not as accurate which is contrary to what those who find it convenient are saying, but what makes Bushnell Tour X golf rangefinder stand among other rangefinders its type, is that there are a lot of positive feedback on it. For others, the exchange technology is just amazing, accuracy is unquestionable and last, but not least it is worth the price. This gives it much credit and worth going for, however, it is also too important to take the negative accusations seriously so that you can get the right answers while making the purchase.

I can conclude that Bushnell Tour X golf rangefinder has everything to make it beat rangefinders its type in the market. You now don’t have to worry about accuracy. You can easily calculate the effects of hills and slopes easily and make your shot confidently. Get the Bushnell Tour X rangefinder and have a true golfing experience.