Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder Reviews

Introduction of Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder Reviews

The Bushnell Z6 is an upgraded rangefinder in the Bushnell series of rangefinders. Its remarkable functions and vivid clear display makes it a well desired tool by avid professional golfers. Accurate fast reading with a completely waterproof body adds to the overall remarkable features thus making it the best golf rangefinder in the industry.

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Features of the Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder Reviews

To get a better understanding of the Bushnell Z6, have a look below at the thoroughly analyzed and explained features and characteristics that it has to offer.

Easy operation

The Bushnell Z6 has been dubbed the most accurate and versatile rangefinder in the golfing industry because of its Pin Seeker, ESP.2, Vivid Display and Jolt technologies. With this powerful rangefinder, the display has been magnified up to 6 times with an adjustable eye piece setting for the users convenience. The display has a little tint added to it which helps lessen the glare and allows a wide scope and range field view. There are two buttons on the rangefinder where one button is used to turn on the device and also fire the laser which then tabulates the results. The laser can be fired between 4 to 8 seconds however; even after the button is released the results will continue to show on the display for a further 8 seconds.

Running power

The Bushnell Z6 runs on a single 3 volts CR2 battery which is included in the package at the time of shipping. It is placed under the viewfinder behind a Posi-Thread Battery Door. Even though Bushnell products are said to have a strong and long battery life, the manufacturers recommend changing the battery every 6 to 8 months for better usage.


The vertically standing, compact yet user friendly, Bushnell Z6 has a rubber coating on most of its body for steady gripping and protection. There is also a fancy aluminum trim that encircles the rangefinder and adds to its good looks. At 8.2 ounces this a relatively light-weight rangefinder which further makes its handling easy and convenient for the avid golfer. Unlike earlier rangefinder models like the Bushnell V3, the Bushnell Z6 is superior and much enhanced in all its functions. Even though this advanced rangefinder is waterproof and has a rain guard over its lens, the manufacturers have also added a carrying case to help the golfer carry it around the course conveniently.

Long distance readings

The Bushnell Z6 is fully equipped to give you the most precise and accurate readings on a clear display screen which updates effortlessly unlike other rangefinders found in the market. The measurements of the flags are exact up to 450 yards while it also has the ability to lock on to other objects in a 5 to 1,300 yards diameter. Bushnell claims that the device has been programmed to give you an accuracy of 0.1 yards for objects closer than 125 yards. According to other rangefinder reviews on the product, users claim that the device picks up reflective objects quicker than others until the Pin Seeker system starts working and then automatically keeps updating the distance. For optimal coverage, it is best advised to aim at the flagstick’s base and the display’s accuracy becomes vague as the distance goes beyond a 200 yard radius.

Pin Seeker mode and Vibration jolt technology

Unlike earlier Bushnell rangefinders which worker on the automatic scanning mode, the newer generation rangefinders are equipped with the Pin Seeker technology which provides accurate yardage of different objects including flags up to 200 yards further. This precise targeting system zeros in on the target thus isolating any other objects in the way or in the background. If there is more than one object in view, the Pin Seeker will capture the closer object and display is information. Once the target has been acquired the Jolt technology gives out a short jolt to signal that the target has been obtained. Users claim that aiming at the base of the flagstick helps obtain better reading by avoiding any excessive things like trees in the background.

Vivid Display Technology

Hands down, the Vivid Display Technology is known to be the best projection display found in the market today. It has been specifically made for Bushnell’s rangefinders for increased clarity, contrast and light transmission. The display information has now drastically become better as the information can be viewed in red which makes it easier to read against darker settings. The optical enhancement provides better yardage information due to the 4 different levels of brightness adjustments available however; users have claimed to use only 2 which seem to work in all conditions.


The 2nd generation ESP (extreme speed precision) technology has taken the Bushnell Z6 on to a totally new level. The yardage speed has increased to 5 times and so has the acquisition of results speed which has far doubled than before. The accuracy of the distance displayed has been brought down to 1/10th yard which is accountable for 5 to 125 yards. Golfers now have an edge over their shots as they can properly strategize according to the accurate results obtained.



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Who should buy this product?

The Bushnell Z6 is user friendly with easy to understand modes and clear cut updated information. You can easily switch between yards and meters for the distance information shown on the display.  This device is well known amongst professional golfers and has also proven helpful to beginners. Due to its waterproof properties, this rangefinder works well in rainy weather and does not create any hindrances for the player.

What do customers say?

After going through many rangefinder reviews, it is clear that the Bushnell Z6 has made a permanent place for itself in the hearts of many professional golfers who have placed it in high ranks among the many rangefinders in the market today. The many amazing features of this rangefinder like the Jolt Technology and Pin Seeking Technology dub this as the best golf rangefinder.


At $400 on Amazon, this golf laser rangefinder is one of the most technologically advanced tech savvy tool that can be found in a golfers possession. It is designed to give you accurate readings by locking down targets easily and fairly. 6 times magnification does not slow down the technology when it comes to displaying results which also tend to update quickly as compared to other rangefinders. In all, this rangefinder will not let you down.