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CaddyTek Deluxe Quad-Fold Golf Push Cart Review

CaddyTek Deluxe Quad-Fold Golf Push Cart Review

Moving around the course with your gear is not always easy especially if you prefer to walk. However with a reliable cart like the CaddyTek Deluxe Quad-Fold you will never have any trouble with mobility on the green. It has a durable aluminum frame that gives it enough strength to carry your golf bag no matter how heavy it may be and it also has a front wheel alignment mechanism for stability and better control. The trolley also has an integrated storage compartment, a mesh net, and a beverage holder.


Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum Frame: The cart has a sturdy aluminum frame that gives it the ability to withstand the weight of a golf bag and also ensures that it is durable. Despite its aluminum frame, it weighs only 13.5 pounds.
  • Wheels: Its three wheels are maintenance free and have a ball bearing that gives them perfect traction on all terrains.
  • Front Wheel Mechanism: This cart has a front wheel alignment feature that gives it stability and makes it easy for you to control by preventing it from veering to one side.
  • Storage: Comes with an umbrella holder and a storage rack for a few small items that may not fit in your bag.
  • Quad-Fold Mechanism: The patented quad fold mechanism makes it possible to fold the cart into a compact size in three easy steps. When folded the cart is small and hence making it easy to transport and store.
  • Wide Body: Its 28 inches wide body makes it easy to push around the course, and so you will not use a lot of energy to get around the green.



  • It has a stylish and advanced look that will help you stand out on the course and also improve your gaming experience.
  • Although it is a three wheel cart, it is very stable and hence making mobility easy and convenient for golfers who prefer to walk.
  • The Quad-Fold is incredibly easy to fold and unfold. In fact, it will only take you a couple of minutes to do either, and this will save you a lot of precious time.
  • When it is fully folded, it is small and compact, and this makes transport and storage very easy for golfers as it will not occupy a lot of space.
  • Quad-Fold has a super-strong aluminum frame, and so you can be sure that you will use it for many years.


  • This cart is more expensive than other three wheel trolleys, and so you should be ready to spend some extra cash to own it.
  • The trolley may veer to one side if you do not know how to make it go straight. However, this is a simple problem that you can solve by reading the instructions on how to align it on the manual.


A majority of golfers prefer walking on the course so that they can have the best experience. However, walking around with your gear may be tiring, and so you need a best golf push cart like the CaddyTek Deluxe Quad-Fold. This three wheel push cart is designed to offer a golfer as much convenience as possible. It has a sturdy aluminum frame, and you can easily fold it in three simple steps. And although it is more expensive than most others it will serve you well and for long and hence it is worth the extra cash.

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