Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder Review

Callaway 300 Laser Golf Rangefinder
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Review Summary:

A laser rangefinder is should be able to show distances with pinpoint accuracy in various activities such as golfing and hiking. The Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder provides this pin down precision in a gloss and sophisticated design. Its high-tech Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T) allows a user to lock against the pin ranging up to a distance of 300 yardages while maintaining accuracy midst distorted backgrounds inhibited by trees or large objects. It is the quintessential of a rangefinder, incorporating nifty features like water or fog-resistant construction, potent lithium battery, ergonomic and plushy design. Unlike standard devices, the Callaway 300 enables you to get distances for many targets.


  • Superior accuracy: It has plus and minus and scan and pinpoint mode to lock onto the pin up to 300 yardages and distance measurements equal to 1000 yards.
  • Light but durably-inspired, compact, sleek and waterproof design suiting golfing and range finding activities.
  • P.A.T mode setting allows the user to rapidly lock against the pin, track multiple targets and function without distortions in unsuitable backgrounds, for instance where there are trees or large objects.

Callaway 300 Laser Golf Rangefinder


Superior Magnification

This rangefinder offers exact +-1 yard precision equal to 1,000 yards and is enhanced by 6x magnification monocular power. It has exactitude of +- yard estimation to suit both amateurs and gurus in golfing. Its superior magnifying capacity permits straightforward pin aiming and scans landscape to capture multiple targets. It has a pinpointing range of 5-to-1000 yardages and finds with exactness against distorting backdrops common to the golfing fields. It features a focus dial in the eye-piece which is similar to a binoculars’ view in cases of blurry reads.

Pin Acquisition Technology

To render precise locking onto a flag, the Callaway Rangefinder boasts novel Pin Acquisition Technology for easier flag targeting. This technology has 1st target priority setting mode. It can show the range to the nearest target from different results derived from one measurement. This feature boosts accuracy; you can home in a pin against a background marred with distorting objects like trees.

The high-tech technology forestalls the likelihood of capturing such objects. The scan mode enables you to get distances for different targets simultaneously and precise yards estimations when scanning around. The dual modes, pin locating and scanning modes allow you to acquire multiple data locations in addition to the flag.


Callaway 300 Laser Golf Rangefinder


This Callaway golf rangefinder comes with a gloss and lightweight (7.5 ounces) designing. It measures 3” x 8” x 4.2”. Coupled with an inbuilt belt loop, it is easier to carry around devoid of sustaining fatigue. Its casing is coated with tough rubber that acts as a shock absorber against mechanical damage.

Similarly, it is imperviously sealed to keep moisture or fog at bay while on the field. This prevents damage to delicate components like lenses and curtails the nightmares posed by rain on the range finder. Thereby, it can be used in the field continuously, despite inclement weather.

The slip-resistant rubber shell surface features arrayed ridges for a rough texture. This facilitates a tighter grip and prevents it from slipping away inadvertently.


This handheld range finder comes with zero-system for hustle-free operation. It is also accompanied by a manual that sketches a comprehensive operation guide for beginners. By the same breath, its conspicuously readable LCD display shows distance in yards or meters to the pin, Zero-in targeting technology and Pin Acquisition Technology indicator.

Fully-Packaged and Legally-Approved

The Callaway 300 comes with an impeccable carrying case and CR2 3V lithium batteries. The lithium battery is constructed to give dependable and uninterrupted power to keep you in the field all day. They are super-durable; you do not need to keep on replacing the batteries. It is also made in line with USGA stringent standards and is legit for tournament play.

The Bottom Line about Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder

Flowing from the foregoing Callaway 300 review and erstwhile user’s experience, this rangefinder comes as a top-of-the-line device. It has a super-light, ergonomically sleek design. It allows you to adjust the range finding modes to locate a flagstick midst disfiguring backgrounds like trees and has an impermeable waterproof case. It strikes a balance between price and performance efficiency owing to its premium magnification power, P.A.T flagstick pin down technology and slip-resistant ridges.

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  • Updated September 24, 2019

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