Callaway Hybrid Laser Rangefinder Review

Callaway Hybrid Laser Rangefinder Review

This hybrid rangefinder combines both a GPS and Laser to create a very reliable device that offers golfers fast and accurate measurements. It has P.A.T to help you locate the pin, 6X Magnification, and a range of up to 1000 yards. The device has more than 30,000 preloaded courses, and you can choose to measure in either yards or meters. This hybrid rangefinder is also lightweight and compact to ensure that you can carry it around the course for several rounds.


Features and Specifications



Having a rangefinder on the course is already a significant advantage, but this hybrid rangefinder is way much better than others. Apart from its many useful features, its most outstanding benefit comes from its accuracy. This rangefinder will maintain an accuracy of +/- 1 for up to a thousand yards, and so you can be sure that you will always get reliable data.




Most golfers thrive on having the best and adequate information when on the course and for this the Callaway Hybrid Laser Rangefinder is an excellent option. It not only has both a GPS and Laser but it combines the best of both to ensure that a golfer always has enough and reliable information. It is a very easy device to set up and using it should also pose no challenges to a golfer. The accuracy of this hybrid device is also impressive and to top everything up you get to view the data from a bright and clear display. And so the bottom line is that it is an excellent device that will benefit a golfer in many ways.