Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver Review

Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver Review

Callaway is a leader and a pacesetter when it comes to the manufacture of golf drivers and the company is always trying to come up with clubs that are better than what they have. For the XR 16, the company works with Boeing to give it a more aerodynamic head shape. The club head is also lighter than the Callaway drivers that come before it, but the extreme forgiveness is what golfers will love most. It uses RMOTO tech to increase the speed, and the club has a graphite shaft and a light titanium head. And you also get to choose from different shaft flex options and loft.


Features and Design




Callaway is famous for its fantastic golf clubs, and the XR 16 continues with the trend. It is a beautiful club in appearance with some cool graphics, but there is more to the club than its appearance. The XR 16 ensures that you get impressive distances and it also has a fantastic club speed.

It has a massive sweet spot that will always make a golfer happy when they hit the face of the head, but it is also very forgiving with mishits. The steady feel and lightweight are some of the other things that golfers will love about this club. However, it also has some demerits, and they include the spin and the fact that some shots get lost in the wind. But, taking into account the positive and negative factors the bottom line is that this is a top notch driver.