Callaway Men’s XR Golf Iron Set Review

Callaway Men’s XR Golf Iron Set Review

The Callaway XR golf iron set for men uses modern technologies to create clubs that will always give golfers impressive ball speed, distance, accuracy, and forgiveness. Everything about the irons from the design to the material is just impressive, and both beginners and pro golfers will enjoy swinging them.

The key technologies that make them some of the best game improvement irons are the 360 Face Cup Tech and 2-Piece Construction. However, they also have Wider Soles, Progressive Lofts/lengths, and the shafts are graphite. These irons also come in different shaft flexes, and it is also worth noting that the set is complete with all the irons that most golfers will need to use when on the course.


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Callaway is always coming up with some impressive irons but the XR is by far one of their best game improvement irons set, and this is why it is very popular with golfers across the globe. The company uses modern technologies to ensure that each club on the iron set guarantees accuracy, forgiveness, and some impressive ball speeds. These irons are longer than most others on the market, and this is one of the things that make them stable on the hand and easy to swing.

Golfers also seem to love the fact that the clubhead and shaft materials are high quality and if you add in their beautiful and classic look you have an excellent iron set. However, it is still important to take into account the few complaints from golfers such as the sharp sound of impact and their expensive price tag. But, even when you take both the pros and cons into consideration you will only end up with one conclusion which is this is an excellent iron set for all golfers.