Callaway ORG 15 Golf Cart Bag Review

Callaway ORG 15 Golf Cart Bag Review

Apart from the stress that comes with trying to lower scores or improve a swing, the only other thing that worries a golfer a lot is mobility of the course. If you cannot move around with all your gear, then you will not enjoy the game, but the Callaway ORG 15 golf cart bag has been designed to solve this problem. With a 15-way, full club divider system and 14 pockets to store your golfing essentials this bag is everything that a golfer will ever need. Callaway ORG 15  is also very light and made from a high-quality material to ensure that you get to use it on the green for many years.


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Several things define a best golf bag, but enough storage and weight are the two most important one. The Callaway ORG 15 is light and has more pockets than you will ever need. Its fourteen pockets are for different purposes, and you will not need any other bag to carry anything to the course. Although the price might be on the high end, it is worth every coin spent on it. If you are looking for a quality cart bag that will serve you for many years and that will carry everything that you need on the course, the Callaway ORG 15 is perfect for you.