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Here’s some golf laser rangefinder for both beginners and the tournament players. Both its standard and slope editions are specialized for playing a specific match.

Leupold GX-4i2 Laser Rangefinder Review

Features: Accuracy: The best part of this rangefinder is how accurate it is. The use of advanced technologies like the Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (DNA) engine and Pinhunter 2 Software has really helped it in this regard. Acquiring target and measuring range takes hardly any time at all. And the range is predicted correctly even in […]

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  • Updated October 4, 2018

Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder Review

Why Go For Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder? Compared to other rangefinders its type, Bushnell rangefinder is among the best and advanced golf rangefinders you can find in the market. With the exchange technology, it allows the golfer to use patented slope technology and transition to a device that conforms to USGA when the face-plate is […]

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  • Updated December 6, 2018

Callaway 300 Laser Rangefinder Review

Superior Magnification This rangefinder offers exact +-1 yard precision equal to 1,000 yards and is enhanced by 6x magnification monocular power. It has exactitude of +- yard estimation to suit both amateurs and gurus in golfing. Its superior magnifying capacity permits straightforward pin aiming and scans landscape to capture multiple targets. It has a pinpointing […]

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  • Updated December 8, 2018
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