Choosing The Best Putters For Your Strokes – Top Reviews 2019

Putting is one of the most stressful parts of golf, and it can make or break your career. And this is rightfully so given the fact that it will account for more than 40% of your score. Although a lot of practice is what you need to make putting easier for you, it is also vital to ensure that you have the right putter.

The putter is the one golf club in your bag that you will use most and so you cannot afford to have anything but the best. Although putter technology is always changing and the manufacturers coming up with better ones every other year, there are some essential and vital things that you have to keep in mind to ensure that you always get the best putters.

Top 3 Best Mallet Putters 2019

  • Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter
  • Tour-Weighted
    Length: 34"
  • Editor Rating:
  • Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 V-Line Putter
  • The #1 Insert On Tour
    Proven Head Shape Performance
    Mallet Designs
    Length: 33", 34", 35"
  • Editor Rating:
  • Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter
  • Offset Hosel
    2X ORB Alignment
    Consistent Face Insert
    Pinemeadow Spider Grip
    Length: 34"
  • Editor Rating:

Top 3 Best Blade Putters 2019

  • Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter
  • Tour Proven Design
    White Hot Pro Insert
    Crank Neck Hosel Design
    Length: 33", 34", 35"
  • Editor Rating:
  • Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter
  • Square Heel/Toe Putter
    Eye Catching Vertical Seam Grip
    Multiple Density Micro Injections
    Length: 35"
  • Editor Rating:
  • Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 6.5 Putter
  • Face Balanced Lengths
    True Feel Innovation
    Versa Alignment Technology
    Length: 33", 34", 35"
  • Editor Rating:

Types Of Putters – What Putter Style Is Right For You?

There are numerous types of putters in the market, and so if you do not have the right information, it is not easy to choose the best for your stroke from the many options. But, in most instances, they will differ in four essential aspects which are the balance, head design, face and shafts, and hosel.

Putter Balance

When it comes to the putter balance, you will have to choose between toe balanced, and the face balanced putters. Although those from different brands might look different, most companies will only use either of the two balances. Also, it is important to know that both are suitable for various stroke paths and playing styles.

  • Toe balanced: A toe balanced putter is one whose toe will face the ground when balancing the shaft on your finger. And this means that the COG will not be directly below the axis of the shaft. These putters are the best for golfers with an arc in their stroke as they are more inclined to open and close throughout your stroke.
  • Face balanced: The face of a face-balanced putter will face upwards when balancing the shaft on your fingers. And this means that the COG will always be directly below the shaft axis. These are the best putter for golfers with a straight stroke because they tend to open less for the backswing and will also close less for the follow-through.

Head Design

When it comes to the head design golfers, have three options. And just like with the face balance, each head design is suitable for different strokes.

  • Blade: The blade is the traditional putter style and also the oldest. This putter head design has been in use since the early 20th century, and many players still prefer it. It features a simple and flat look, and it is the best for a faster green that requires golfers to make a delicate touch. Also, most are face balanced making them ideal for straight stroke golfers. However, the best blade putters can work for any stroke path as it only requires a golfer to get used to them.
  • Peripheral Weighted: A peripheral weighted is also what golfers like to refer to as the toe-weighted, and it is a natural evolution of the blade head design. It is long and thin at the address and with some extra weight at the heel and toe sections for consistency and forgiveness. Although it is toe-balanced, the hosel length and design means that it is possible to alter it to fit any stroke.
  • Mallet: The mallet putter head design is the most common for modern-day golfers because it is more consistent and forgiving. Since it has a large head, manufacturers will put various shapes and alignment aids on its rear to make it easier for players to align for better shots. The deeper head design makes it possible to increase the MOI and to have a lower and deeper COG to reduce spin while also improving the performance of off-center hits. The best mallet putters are ideal for straight stroked because they are face balanced.

Face and Inserts

The right face type for your putter will depend on things like the feel that you prefer, type of balls that you use and also the speed of the greens. When it comes to the putter face, you will also need to choose from three different options.

  • Groove Face: The appearance of grooves on the face of a putter is one of the latest developments in the design of these golf clubs. These grooves help to achieve a forward motion and to keep the ball online by minimizing skidding, back spinning, and sliding. The grooves do this by gripping the ball surface, lifting it simultaneously from its resting position and imparting an over-the-top rolling action.
  • Metal Face: Steel is the traditional putter face material, but some also use materials like bronze, brass, copper, zinc and titanium. The weighty and robust nature of steel and other materials is what makes it perfect for the club face. One of the greatest merits of using metal faces is the loud noise that they make on impact because you can know the kind of connections that you make.
  • Insert Face: Putters with an insert face are just metal ones, but instead of the metal face they have a non-metal insert. The main reason and advantage of using insert faces are that they make it possible to redistribute the weight to the heel and toe to offer more forgiveness and increase the MOI. Although most insert putters promote a softer feel, they do not produce the traditional sound of metal faces.

Shafts and Hosels

Almost all putters will come with a steel shaft because it makes them consistent while also giving them a strong feel and so you will not have to worry a lot about the shaft material. But, the design of the shaft matters a lot because they come in different styles. In most instances, the design differs at the hosel which is the section of the club where the shaft links to the head.

  • Hosel Offset: An offset is whereby the hosel bends backward so as to move the bottom of the shaft ahead of the club’s face. This design pushes a golfer’s hand forward or ahead of the ball through the impact. Just like most golf clubs, almost all putters come with some degree of offset.
  • Center-Shafted Putters: Center shafted putters have a shaft that connects directly to the head, but it meets the putter in the center of the putter head (lengthwise). Golfers will choose this shaft style because it helps when guiding the ball to the hole.
  • Heel-Shafted Putters: The heel-shafted is the most traditional and basic design as it entails connecting the shaft to the head directly and on the end that is nearest to the golfer.

Here Are Our Best Putter Reviews

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 #1 Putter - The Best Blade Putter Available

The sleek finish is the first thing that will catch your attention when you get this putter. However, it is not just for giving it an attractive appearance but is also useful for reducing glare and increasing its lifespan. Also, the White Hot inserts are hard to miss because they are one of the important features of this putter. This Callaway club also features a crank neck hosel, contrasting aids, and a full shaft offset that helps to make Odyssey White Hot Pro one of the best blade putters.


Features and Design

  • White Hot Inserts: Callaway gives this putter some White Hot inserts that help to improve the sound, feel and overall performance.
  • Crank Neck Hosel Design: The crank hosel design allows for an excellent visualization through the stroke so that you can get more successful putts.
  • Blade Head: This Callaway putter comes with a timeless blade head that gives the club an incredible feel while also promoting proper alignment.
  • Offset: Odyssey White Hot Pro is a full shaft offset putter, and so it will keep the hands in front of the ball on impact to ensure that you always get an upward strike.
  • Contrasting Alignment Aids: The alignment aids on the topline in this putter are an important feature because they help to promote stroke consistency and increase accuracy.
  • Sleek Finish: This putter comes in an elegant finish that is not only for improving its appearance but is also useful for minimizing glare and also making it more durable


  • It is a very forgiving and highly accurate putter.
  • The White Hot inserts generate an impressive performance, feel and sound.
  • This putter comes with a timeless blade head design to ensure proper alignment and to create an incredible feel on contact.
  • Contrasting alignment aids help to promotes stroke consistency and accuracy.
  • The sleek finish makes it more durable while also minimizing glare.


  • It will take most golfers a lot of time to get used to this putter.
  • The grip is not oversized which is contrary to what most players seem to prefer.
  • There are some complaints from some players that the head is not weighty enough.

Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe Golf Putter

Although several things can draw your attention when you get this putter from the box, the eye-catching grip is what most golfers find most interesting. This vertical seam grip looks and feels amazing, and it has a large diameter that helps to improve the feel, and most putter reviews will always rank it as one of the best grips you can get in a putter. The Wilson Harmonized Putter also features a timeless standard blade, microinjection polymer inserts, plumber’s neck offset for the hosel, heel/toe weighting and some contrasting alignment aids for the top line.


Features and Design

  • Standard Blade: Wilson equips this putter with a timeless standard blade that always generates an optimized feel while also ensuring maximum confidence at address.
  • Face Inserts: This putter comes with some microinjection polymer inserts for the face that deliver a clean and crisp feel on impact with the ball.
  • Offset: The plumber’s neck hosel offset is an excellent addition to this club because it will always keep your hands in front/ahead of the ball to ensure that you always get a consistent and crisp contact.
  • Alignment: This putter comes with color contrasting topline alignment aids that promote accuracy. Also, the gray and black finish helps with the alignment.
  • Heel/Toe Weighting: The heel/toe weighting is what give this club its impressive forgiveness because it maximizes the moment of inertia.
  • Grip: Wilson Harmonized comes with a midsize grip that has a vertical seam construction at the back to improve the feel.


  • Large diameter grip makes it more comfortable on the hand.
  • Alignment aids and micro-injection inserts provide very accurate putts.
  • Stainless steel construction makes it sturdy and very durable.
  • The black finish gives it an attractive overall appearance and reduces glare.
  • It has a unique head shape and weighting configuration for more accurate putts.
  • The heel/toe weight placement maximizes the moment of inertia and ensures minimal distance loss when you make off-center contact.
  • It is a very affordable putter despite the impressive quality.


  • Although the grip is large, it is still not thick enough for some golfers.
  • It does not come with a headcover.
  • Some golfers might also find it lighter than what they would like.

Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 6.5 Putter

The raised alignment line at the back of the head of this putter is its most distinctive element and hence also what most golfers will notice first. Although it might not look like something significant, it is what makes this club special. This alignment ensures that golfers always get a perfect sightline of the ball by raising it by 21.35mm from the base which is the exact radius of a golf ball. Apart from this wonderful feature this blade putter also features a milled copper face cap, True feel Innovation, and a 65-gram mid-mallet design.


Features and Design

  • 2135 Alignments: The 21.35 alignment system is one of the features that sets the Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 apart from others and also makes it one of the best putters. This feature ensures a perfect sightline regardless of how the golfer chooses to address the ball.
  • True feel Innovation: True Feel Innovation gives this club an incredible feel and also generates a true and consistent feel.
  • Copper Face Cup: The face on this putter comes with milled copper-infused face cap over a copolymer insert that provides top notch and consistent performance.
  • Head Design: It is a mid-mallet 65-gram head that feels a little heavier than others but still sturdy enough and easy to handle.
  • Balance: This outer is face balanced, and it does not have any toe hang, and so it will be an excellent pick for players with straight through and straight back putting strokes.


  • The 2135 alignment system helps to ensure that your eyes always remain in the center of the putter.
  • It has a beautiful overall design that also contributes to making it one of the best putters to have on the course.
  • This club is available in various lengths to cater for all golfers.
  • True Feel Innovation provides an outstanding feel and also ensures consistent performance.
  • With this putter, it is possible to get a custom grip or shaft.
  • This putter comes with a headcover to protect the head during storage and transportation.


  • It is quite expensive despite being one of the best blade putters on the market.
  • This putter feels heavier than many other mallet-style ones on the market.

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter

The first thing that will draw most golfers’ attention is just how weighty the putter is, and at a total weight of 380g, it has about 40 extra grams. Also, the pearl white finish is hard to miss, and it is not just for improving the aesthetic appeal and reducing glare but also helps with alignment by creating contrast with the green course. This Pinemeadow putter also features a stainless steel shaft, and it has a balanced weight distribution that makes it perfect for pure pendulum swings. And you get a custom cover when you buy it which also helps to cement its place as one of the best mallet putters.


Features and Design

  • Putter Style: The PGX comes in a semi-mallet putter style that provides very steady strokes, and this is more so for newbie and armature golfers struggling with their putting strokes.
  • Shaft: This putter features a stainless steel shaft that offers a very efficient release of energy while also ensuring that you get very accurate putting strokes.
  • Extra-Heavy Putter Design: It is a “tour-weighted” putter with a total weight of 380g which means that it is 40g heavier than regular semi-mallet putters. The extra weight makes it suitable for fast greens and also ensures that you get a smooth forward spinning ball which creates stability in your putts.
  • Pearl White Finish: This Pinemeadow putter features a precise pearl white finish whose main aim is to make it stand out when it is at address. The contrast that it creates with the green background makes it easy for a golfer to maintain focus on the alignment aids.


  • This mallet putter features a sleek white finish that creates a contrast with the green to help players maintain focus on the alignment.
  • Stainless steel shaft provides efficient release of energy and impressive accuracy.
  • It is 40g heavier than standard putters making it perfect for fast greens.
  • This putter has an overall sturdy feel, and it is very durable.
  • It comes with a custom PGX headcover.
  • PGX is quite an affordable putter in spite of the impressive quality.


  • The extra weight will take some time to get used to, and it might also not be suitable for some playing styles.
  • Some golfers complain that the shaft feels a little flimsy.

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 V-Line Putter - The Best Mallet Putter Available

Callaway makes some of the best mallet putters on the market, and the Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 is one of their top models. It has a sleek finish that reduces glare and increases durability, and it is the first thing that most golfers will notice. However, it also uses their White Hot Inserts to improve performance and feel across the face. And the putter also features Oversize Winn Grip, Perimeter Weight Placement, Slight Hosel Bend, and Hi-Def Alignment Aids.


Features and Design

  • White Hot Inserts: Callaway gives this putter their tour winning White Hot inserts that are engineered to improve the feel, sound, and performance across the face of the putter.
  • Head Design: The mallet head design features s new head shape with a high MOI and with a modified Hi-Def alignment system that makes it easy for players to align the ball for successful putts.
  • Golf Pride Grip: The oversized Winn grip on this club is soft and comfortable on the hand, and it also helps to achieve a stroke that is more pendulum-like than what you get from other putters.
  • Perimeter Weight: Callaway uses perimeter weight placement to increase responsiveness and forgiveness on the strikes you make across the face.
  • Feel and Look: Hot Pro 2.0 is a smooth and soft putter that will glide through the golf ball effortlessly, and the clubhead remains stable in a range of strokes. For the look, the club head has 3-line alignment aid and a semi-circular gray head.


  • Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 is engineered to provide more consistent feel, sound, and performance across the face.
  • Hi-Def alignment aids will help you get many accurate putts.
  • Laser milling provides tight tolerance, and so you can be sure of more consistency and performance.
  • White Hot inserts make this one of the best putters.
  • The sleek finish helps to limit glare while also enhancing durability.
  • It has a unique mallet head that promotes proper alignment and also provides an incredible feel.
  • This Callaway putter is available in three different lengths, and each comes with a headcover.
  • Golf Pride grip provides a soft and comfortable feel.


  • There are some criticisms by golfers that it does not have enough alignment aids.
  • The finish is rather dull and not very appealing aesthetically.
  • Although it is a high-quality putter, it is also quite pricey.
  • Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 is available in right-hand orientation only.

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

The number of putts that you sink will greatly depend on the type and quality of putter that you use, and so you cannot and should never make the wrong choice. But, Pinemeadow has you covered because their PGX SL will perform well for you regardless of your skill level or playing style. It is designed with an offset hosel and ORB alignment system to help with alignment and for increased accuracy.

This putter is 34 inches long and with an excellent weight distribution to make it well-balanced on your hand, and hence easier to swing. Also, it uses special face inserts for consistent ball rolling across the green, and it comes with the special spider grip that provides a firm and comfortable feel on the hand. And when you buy this putter, you will also get a free matching headcover for protection when not in use.


Features and Design

  • Offset Hosel: Alignment is always critical when using any putter because if you get it wrong, you will probably not sink the balls into the hole. But, Pinemeadow takes care of this with the “plumber neck’ hosel design that is offset to make alignment easier. This offset helps by ensuring that your putt is on the correct path from the onset.
  • Face Inserts: Most putters will make use of face inserts for different purposes. However, for the PGX SL, they are for creating consistent putting. They create a nice and smooth roll across the green while also ensuring minimal skipping.
  • Grip: Pinemeadow uses their popular spider grip on this putter to ensure maximum comfort and also that golfers will get a firm hold of the club. The firm feel of the grip emanates from its poly and fiber layers that also help to provide excellent shock absorption.
  • Alignment System: Besides the offset hosel, this putter also has 2X ORB alignment system on the top part of the head that will help to direct your eyes when setting up for the shot to ensure that you are on target.
  • Headcover: You will not need to worry about finding a headcover for this putter as the manufacturer will include one in the package. With this matching headcover, you not only protect your putter but also get to preserve the sleek finish of the club for long.


  • Perfectly balanced putter
  • Comes with a free headcover
  • Helpful alignment aids for more accurate putting
  • Relatively affordable given the performance and build quality
  • Great weight and excellent length
  • Comes with an ergonomic grip and with an incredible feel on the hand


  • Edges seem to wear our relatively fast
  • The color makes it more prone to staining

How To Choose The Best Golf Putters For Your Strokes

If you are among the many golfers struggling with putting consistency, the type of putter that you use is probably the main reason. But, a putter should never be the reason for bad scores when on the course because there are more than enough putter options in the market. Apart from knowing the different types you also need to know how to make your pick and here is how to do it.

Identify Your Stroke Path

When starting your search for the best putter, you should first determine your stroke path. You have to know whether you make a straight-through-path or slight arc stroke path because this will determine the right putter for you. You can determine your stroke path quickly by making a few putts between two alignment rods or masking tape lines. Also, it is important to know the speed of the greens that you play on because a lighter putter head is best for fast ones while a heavy one will be better for slow greens.

Consider The Best Type That Fits Your Stroke

When considering the best putter for your stroke, you will need to take different parts of the putter into account. Check out the following points for some ideas on how to make the pick.

  • For the head design, golfers with a straight stroke path should go for mallet designs while the peripheral weighted and blade are perfect for those with both slight and strong arcs.
  • There are grooves, insert and metal outer faces that can work for any stroke path. However, those with straight strokes seem to prefer the metal faces because they get a better response on impact.
  • The putter balance is the key to finding a putter that suits your stroke path, but it is also a very straightforward feature. Face-balanced putters are for golfers with a straight stroke or little arc while the toe balanced ones work for players with a slight and strong arc.
  • Golf rules state that putters should always be at least 18 inches long, but you should always aim at finding the right length for your height and stroke. There are three options for the shaft length which are the traditional (32 to 36 inches), belly putter (41 to 46 inches) and the long putters (48 to 52 inches). The long putter are perfect for straight arcs while the traditional are ideal for strong arcs
  • The grip is another key element that you have to take into account, and this is more so because the putters have various grip options. A thicker grip is perfect for straight putting strokes because it helps to take the hands through the stroke while a standard one if perfect for a feel putter and those with strokes that require a lot of wrist action.

Feel and Preferences

The feel might not determine the performance of a putter directly but it will influence a golfer’s performance, and so it is important to consider it when buying one. Steel putters are the best when it comes to the feel because they make it possible to get hard and responsive strikes. They provide a solid and controlled feel and the loud sound that they make also helps you locate the center of the putter so that you can make the best contact. Other face types and materials have a different feel, and in many instances, the right one for you will be subject to your personal preferences and playing style.

Price Is Vital

The amount of cash that you are ready and willing to spend on the putter will determine the quality that you get. It is important to know that they come in different price ranges and in most instances the best ones are the priciest. Buying one as part of a set can help you save some cash, but it might not be an assurance that you will get the best one for your stroke path. And so to make sure that you get something that works well for your game it is important to always go for the best possible quality that you can afford and is also suitable for your stroke path.

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Various factors will determine the right putter for you, and it is important to understand them if you are serious about developing your putting. But apart from keeping these points in mind, it is also important to try out the putter before you buy it because it might have all the right features but still not perform well for you.