Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Custom Driver Review

Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Custom Driver Review

The 588 Custom Driver by Cleveland Golf is as good as golf clubs can get. It has a titanium club head and a graphite shaft that is available in three different flex options. This driver has an adjustable hosel that lets you choose from 12 settings so that you can vary loft, face angle and lie. The Low and Back COG is also a fantastic feature and it combines with the massive sweet spot to give you impressive distances and maximum forgiveness.


Features and Design





The 588 Custom Drive from Cleveland Golf might not be the most talked about or flashiest golf club, but it will always do the job, and this will make a golfer enjoy owning and using it. This fantastic driver is reliable in performance and technology meaning that you will never regret owning it. The all-black and sleek appearance will make you stand out on the course and it has a unique effect that will make everybody think that you are a pro even if you are not.

Accuracy, long distance, and consistency are the three things that the club guarantees you. But, some customers have also been complaining about some minor issues like the lack of enough responsiveness when shaping a shot and the lack of an adjustability feature. However, taking all the pros and cons into consideration, the bottom line is that it is an excellent club that golfers will enjoy using.