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Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX 2.0 Wedge Review

Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX 2.0 Muscle Back Standard Bounce Tour Satin Wedge Review

Buying a golf wedge can be a little challenging as there are many options out there. But you can always trust Cleveland to have something that will work well for you. Their 588 RTX 2.0 is an excellent golf wedge in all areas that features a unique Rotex 2.0 Face Pattern and Tour Zip Grooves. These designs and other technologies combine with the regular steel shaft to ensure that you get a high performing golf club. And you also get to choose between two beautiful finishes.


Features and Design

  • Rotex 2.0 Face Pattern: This face pattern is one of the key highlights of this golf wedge. It entails giving the face a 2-pass micro milling pattern to create one of the roughest faces that the USGA will allow. This face increases the friction and spin, and this is more so when making shots from inconsistent lies.
  • Tour Zip Grooves: Cleveland uses fourth-generation Tour Zip Grooves that feature sharper radii and walls that are up to 8% larger than what you get on other wedges. These grooves channel more dirt and grass away from the face to ensure that you always get a clean contact.
  • Shaft: This wedge comes with a standard steel shaft that is available in regular flex. But, Cleveland also provides a standard graphite option.
  • Look and Feel: The sleek look is one of the things that make this golf wedge stand out. You can choose between black satin and tour satin finishes, but no matter what you go for you will still have a very appealing wedge. This wedge feels heavy enough to dig out balls and also light enough for adjustment when on the fly. The impact is crisp and clean, and you always get sufficient feedback.



  • It offers more spin and control than many other wedges on the market.
  • This golf wedge has the roughest face surface that the USGA will allow.
  • The full, mid and low bounce options give this wedge a lot of versatility to ensure that it suits your game.
  • There are many grind options available for this wedge.
  • The weight is just perfect as it is both heavy enough to dig golf balls out and also light for easy adjustment when on the fly.
  • Despite the impressive quality and performance, this is still a relatively affordable wedge.
  • The sleek black blade gives this wedge an outstanding look and will always make it stand out.


  • A headcover would have been a nice addition.
  • The feel could be better with a little improvement.
  • The attractive black finish will wear out fast.


The Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 is a beautiful wedge with a sleek satin finish that also gives you an opportunity to choose between black satin and tour finishes. This golf wedge is high-performing in all areas, and so it will never disappoint you. From the design of the clubhead and face to the improved tour zip grooves and face pattern, everything about it is as perfect as you can hope for in a golf wedge.

No matter what version of this wedge you pick you can always be confident of having one of the best performing clubs on the market. And although the feel will not impress all golfers and the attractive black finish wears out fast, there is no significant shortcoming with this golf wedge. The bottom line is that it is an excellent golf club to have in your set as it will work well for most handicaps.

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