Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge Review

Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge Review

The sleek tour satin finish gives the Tour Action a classy and high-end look which is what will steal your attention when you get it from the packaging. Apart from giving it an impressive look this finish also helps to limit the glare which makes it possible to use under the bright sun.

The finish is quite impressive, but there are still many other good elements about this club which include the Precision Milled Grooves, Trusted Sole Design, and a Tour Validated Profile. Also, the wedge comes with a graphite shaft that is in a wedge flex, and it is available in various lofts that range between 50 and 60 degrees.


Features and Design




Cleveland is a brand that you can always trust when it comes to the manufacture of golf wedges and any other club. The Tour Action is one of their most successful wedge models, and it is very popular with both beginners and professionals. This well-balanced golf club is easy to swing, and it will provide better swing results for the golfers with slow swings while also allowing them some room for improvement.

The lofts range between 50 and 60 degree which means that you can use them as a lob, sand or gap wedge. Other features like the precision milled groove and trusted sole design help to improve the overall performance of the club and so you can be sure that you will enjoy swinging the Tour Action. Also, it is one of the few golf wedges that do not have any significant shortcoming. With the Cleveland Tour Action, you can always be confident that you are buying a best golf wedge that will give you consistent shots.