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Cobra Golf Men’s KING F7 Hybrid Review

Cobra Golf Men’s KING F7 Hybrid Review

The Cobra KING 7 hybrid builds on the successes of the KING 6, and it works best for mid to high handicappers.  It features a Baffler Dual Rail System, MyFly8 Tech with Smartpad and a 455 Forged Steel face. Cobra also improves its performance by placing the center of gravity back and low with a single fixed weight. This hybrid comes with a graphite shaft, and it is available in regular, stiff and senior flexes.


Features and Design

  • Baffler Dual Rail System: The innovative rail design ensures that you get steeper or shallower rails depending on the loft and attack angle to improve the turf interaction and provide consistency regardless of the lie.
  • MyFly8 Tech with SmartPad: This hybrid provides eight different loft settings that are also easy to adjust so that you can manage the trajectory and launch conditions.
  • Back CG Positioning/Fixed Weight: Cobra positions a single fixed weight low and at the back to create a deep CG. This design provides a high and towering ball flight for some incredible distances and maximum forgiveness.
  • Forged Steel Face: The 455 forged steel face is lighter and thinner than others, and it maximizes the face flexing for fast ball speeds and long distances even on off center hits.
  • Shaft: Like most other hybrids, Cobra makes the KING F7 with a graphite shaft that is available in stiff, senior and regular flexes.
  • Look and Feel: The compact black head will impress most golfers, and it also features the cobra logo and crown markings to help with alignment. For the feel, it is well balanced during the swing, and it is rock-solid stable when it makes contact with the ball.



  • An innovative placement of the center of gravity creates high ball flights and long distances while also ensuring maximum forgiveness.
  • It provides eight loft settings that are easy to adjust to fine tune the launch and customize ball trajectory.
  • The light and thin face will provide maximum flex for impressive speeds and distances even on off center impacts.
  • You can cut through any terrain or turf with ease thanks to the dual rail system.
  • This hybrid provides consistency from all lies.
  • It feels balanced through the swing, and the compact black head is very appealing.


  • There are some criticisms that it is a little too firm on impact.
  • The low spin rates can make it hard to hold greens.
  • Some golfers claim that there is no significant improvement over its predecessor the KING F6.


Any mid to high handicapper that is on the hunt for a consistent, versatile and very reliable hybrid should go for the KING F7 by Cobra as it offers all this and much more. It is a beautiful golf club with a compact black head and some markings to help with alignment, and it feels well-balanced throughout the swing. This hybrid golf club will be a solid performer for a golfer, and you can always be sure of getting sufficient distance even when you make off-center contact.

Despite the positive feedbacks from golfers, a few elements of this club do not impress some players. They include the firm feel on impact and the low spin rates. But the positive aspects still outweigh the negative ones, and so this is still an excellent hybrid golf club that is worth buying and trying out.

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