Cobra Men’s Fly Z Golf Driver Review

Cobra Men’s Fly Z Golf Driver Review

Your driver is the club that gets you started when playing golf and so you cannot afford to buy a low-quality one. But, quality should be the least of your worries if you buy the Fly-Z from Cobra. It is an upscale driver with SmartPad Technology, Speed Channel Face, and E9 Face Structure. It comes in four different Shaft Flex options, and all of them are from a durable graphite material. If color is important to you, this club gives you a choice of six different crown colors.


Features and Design




The Fly-Z from Cobra is a game-changing golf club that will help a golfer improve performance on the course within a short time. It is suitable for mid to high handicaps as it is available in four different Shaft Flex options. The length is ideal for most golfers despite how long their hands might be or their height and it is also forgiving and user-friendly. Apart from this the sound that it makes when the ball comes into contact with the club is impressive.

If you add the fact that it is easy to swing, and that it always gives you impressive distances, you have a perfect golf driver. However, it has a few demerits such as the expensive price tag and the fact that you will outgrow it as your game improves. But, all in all, it is a top notch driver that is a perfect buy for any golfer that is serious about improving his game.