Confidence Golf Mens Power Hybrid Club Set, Stand Bag Review

Confidence Golf Mens Power Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag Review

Most golfers will prefer to buy local clubs from the famous manufacturers, but this does not mean that there are no other top notch clubs out there. The Power Hybrid Men’s golf set from Confidence is one such set that you will not regret buying it. It is a complete golf club set with all the clubs that you may need to play the game. It includes a 140cc Driver with a loft if 12 degree, 24 degree Hybrid, PW-9-8-7-6 Irons and a semi-mallet Putter. All the clubs have all weather grips and steel shafts for powerful swings and durability. And to make things even better, they come with a fantastic stand back with legs that auto pop and plenty of external pockets.

Features and Benefits




Shopping for a best golf club set is probably not the easiest thing for a golfer, and this is more so for a new one because there are limitless options available. And the worst part about all this is that it is very hard to know how the clubs will perform before you buy and use them. However, reviews are your best bet because you get a firsthand account from experts and other players. If the reviews are anything to go by then the Power Hybrid for Men from Confidence is a top notch set that will help take your golfing experience to the next level. The clubs have a comfortable grip, and they feel very light when you swing them. This set is also complete with all the clubs that you may need to play the game, and they all look very durable. However, there have been a few complaints from some players concerning things such as the misalignment of some of the grips and the fact that they are quite thin. But, if you weigh between all the merits and demerits you will still find that this set is worth the investment and the good thing is that it will also not cost you a lot of money to own it.