Gamer Golf V400 Laser Rangefinder Review

Gamer Golf X400 Laser Rangefinder Review

Having been a golfer for close to a decade now, I know just how important the rangefinder is in these modern times. Whether you are practicing or you are playing a game with your friends, you need something that can give you accurate measurements fast and the Gamer X400 fits the bill.

I knew it was a good buy even before I started using it because of its compact design that makes it easy for you to slip it into your pocket. It also does not have many buttons and so setting up and use if pretty easy. The pin seeking technology is also amazing as it helps maintain accuracy in your measurements even when there are tall trees and other hazards around the pin.


Features and Specifications



The biggest problem with rangefinders is that they can detect large objects such as trees and shrubs that may be behind the pin and hence give you inaccurate measurements. However the Gamer X400 utilizes modern pin seeking technology to help solve this problem, and this is its biggest benefit. With this rangefinder, you will never have to worry about any inaccuracies caused by other objects in the course as it can isolate and focus on the pin. Computer algorithms are used to eliminate signals from the other objects and only concentrate on the pin and hence ensuring you get exact distances.




The Gamer Golf X400 Laser Rangefinder has all the essential features that best golf rangefinders should have, and it will help you get accurate measurements fast. Although it does not have some of the advanced features that you can find on other devices, it performs much better than the average rangefinders. This instrument is suitable for golfers looking for an affordable rangefinder that is also very accurate. And although it has a few flaws its many advantages make it worth trying out.