Garmin Approach S2 Review


  1. The Garmin Approach S2 is very easy to setup and use. To begin using this device all you need to do is to make sure that it is fully charged. Since the courses are pre-loaded, you will not need to do anything else, and you can start using it immediately.
  2. Due to the excellent course coverage you will always find your course no matter where you are playing from.
  3. It has a stylish appearance that makes it look very modern and good on your wrist.
  4. The S2 is very comfortable on your hand due to the material used to make the strap, its design, and lightweight.


  1. There is no online portal for the watch where customers can get additional information about the watch.
  2. The watch is quite expensive compared to other similar devices. However, compared to the value and features it offers then the price is very affordable.


Besides from being packed with very many features, the Garmin Approach S2 made me realize that a golf GPS watch can still look fashionable and stylish. When I first saw this GPS golf watch on my friends wrist, I was convinced that it was simply a designer watch from one of those top brands. It was only after we started the game that I realized it was a golf GPS Watch. I was so impressed with this watch that the following weekend I had one on my wrist for our next game.

Features and Specifications of Garmin Approach S2


Benefits of Using the S2


If you are looking for a stylish, comfortable and functional GPS watch, then the Garmin Approach S2 is the watch for you. With this watch, you will be assured of a user-friendly device that will make information available on your wrist anytime you need it. Having used this GPS watch for some time now, I would highly recommend it to any golfer.