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Garmin Approach S4 Golf Watch Reviews


The Garmin Approach S4 watch is a high-quality GPS Golf watch that comes with the best features. This makes it very suitable for its operation. The smart and gorgeous watch also features a green view button that allows you to view the green layout by just a push. The other smart features of the watch include high-quality screen that you can read even under direct sunlight. The screen is of hi-res touch and high resolution. The battery life of this elegant golf watch is quite long as it can serve for up to 10 hours under GPS mode and 6 weeks under watch mode making it very reliable and convenient golf watch. Besides these, the GPS golf watch will always notify you when you receive new emails, texts and other alerts through its smart notification. This is the ultimate GPS Golf watch that you will definitely love. Get it today and you will be surprised by its quality nature.


From the Garmin Approach S4 review, the watch has got very positive reviews because it has always impressed all those who have bought it. This is because of its smart and perfect features that include:

Quality screen

The Garmin Approach S4 watch has an excellent screen that makes the watch very suitable for its activity. It has a hi-res touchscreen that is very sensitive hence will always guarantee you the best service. The screen can also be viewed and read under direct sunlight. Therefore, this implies that you don’t need to cover the watch to read it. The screen also shows a very glove friendly display and has a high resolution. This makes the watch just more than you may expect, therefore the world’s best golf watch. Get it online today and you will definitely love it.

The smart notification

The watch also features a smart notification that will always keep you updated while in the field. This is by alerting you on any new text, email and others important alerts. Through this, you will not miss any important message that requires immediate attention. Why miss this world-class S4 GPS golf watch? Enjoy quality you can trust with this watch while playing in the field.

The green view button

This elegant golf watch features the green view button that makes the watch very ergonomic. Because through this button, you will be able to see the real layout of the green plus its actual shape by just a single push on it. Once this is done, you will be able to move the pin on the specific location of the day manually. The green view button makes the watch very elementary to operate. Get this sophisticated watch today for the best service that you will really love. This is the world’s best GPS golf watch.

Up to 10 hours battery life in GPS mode

The watch runs on a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. When fully charged, the battery will provide you up to 10 hours service while in the GPS mode. It is therefore very reliable and convenient watch that you can always rely on. When in the watch mode, the battery serves for up to six weeks. This is just more than you may expect hence the ultimate GPS Golf watch.

Over 30,000 worldwide courses

The Garmin Approach S4 review shows that the splendid golf watch comes with approximately 30,000 preloaded courses. Besides these, it also provides you with a free update on the courses for a lifetime. Get to enjoy these smart courses with only Garmin Approach S4 watch.

Pocket-friendly price

Despite its high-quality features, the watch is relatively cheaper and affordable. It costs about $250.00 and comes with free shipping to your destination. Order it today and it will be delivered in the next 48 hours. This is the most reliable and excellent GPS Golf watch for anyone who plays golf.

Pros & Cons



  • It is relatively cheap
  • It has long battery life
  • Has a hi-res touchscreen that is readable under direct sunlight
  • Comes with over 30,000 courses
  • Notifies one when you receive new emails and texts
  • It is very ergonomic.


The Garmin Approach S4 watch is the best Golf GPS watch that you can always rely on. It has a long battery life of up to ten hours when in the GPS mode and six weeks under the watch mode. Its screen functions perfectly and has a high resolution. The watch also comes with over 30,000 courses and has the smart notification update. This is the world’s best golf GPS watch.

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