Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf Band Review

Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf Band Review

The Approach X40 is your real golf partner when on the course, and this is true when playing from anywhere in the world. Its sleek and stylish design with some beautiful color combinations is the first thing that will draw your attention, but it is also rich with features. It has AutoShot Tracker, Heart Rate Technology, GPS Receiver, Activity Tracking and a couple of other useful features. And so you can be sure this lightweight and comfortable GPS will serve you well.


Features and Specifications


X40 is a very accurate device, and so this means that you will always get reliable information, and this is perhaps the greatest benefit that you get from using it. Apart from this it also has a heart monitor and activity tracking which are very beneficial to your health as they help to ensure that you remain active even when you are not on the course.




Approach X40 is one of the bestĀ golf GPS from Garmin, and it is one of those devices that every player will enjoy using regardless of whether they are newbies of professionals. It has a sleek design and a comfortable band that makes it perfect for wearing on the hand for many hours. This device also has all the essential features of a standard golf GPS and much more but it also has a few flaws according to some feedback from golfers. However, even if you consider the minor issues it is still an excellent device that will give you all the information that you need to enjoy and improve your game. And so the bottom line is that it is worth your money.