Golf Buddy Tour GPS Review

Golfbuddy Tour Golf GPS Review

The first impression that I got when I first saw the GolfBuddy Tour GPS is that it was just one of those average devices. This is because it is very similar in appearance to standard Golf GPS devices. However, when I got to use it, I realized it was way much different, and it had an edge over the other devices. Although most of its features are the standard GPS features what gives it an edge is that everything works as it should and hence making it easy to use, convenient and very accurate. Using this golf GPS is also very comfortable as it is light and the design is also quite appealing. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, and it feels weird for me to go out to the course without it, and so it’s always in my pocket.

Features and Specifications

Benefit of Using this Device

The GolfBuddy Tour utilizes the latest GPS technology to provide the golfer with a simple device that will take their golfing experience to a new level. By using this GPS, golfers can be assured of several benefits key among them being the ability to track score and get statistics on their progress when playing. Apart from this golfers will also benefit from a multi-lingual feature that makes it possible to use the GPS in a language that you understand or are most comfortable with.




The GolfBuddy Tour will boost your golfing confidence by letting you know the distance to where you need to go next, and this will also give you better scores. It is also pretty straightforward and easy to use and has a long battery life. Besides from the few shortcomings (are quite minor issues, and you can easily overcome them) this device will add a lot of value to your game. For any golfer that wants the best Golf GPS that is easy to use the GolfBuddy Tour is a good buy.