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GolfBuddy Voice GPS Review

GolfBuddy Voice GPS Review

I have always been fascinated with golf equipment especially those used for distance measurement. However, I never got myself to use them because I did not like the idea of having to carry a big GPS device in my pocket or have to dig the device out of my pocket dozens of times in a game. All this changed when I came across the GolfBuddy Voice GPS as it made things way easier for me than I could have ever imagined.


The GolfBuddy Voice GPS is a small device but despite this it took away all the thinking and difficulty in yard measurement. Having played the game for many years, I thought I could accurately tell the yardages just by looking but this small device changed my thinking completely. The over and under clubbing that I believed were normal in a game were significantly reduced. In fact, this small device has helped me take my game to a whole new level. Perhaps looking at some of its features and specifications will help you understand just how helpful this best Golf GPS can be for any golfer.


  • Pre-Loaded Courses: GolfBuddy Voice GPS comes pre-loaded with 35,000 courses from across the world, but it can accommodate a maximum of 40,000.
  • Audio Distance Information: With this device you do not have to stop to look at the distance because it tells you the distance thanks to the built-in voice feature.
  • Automatic Hole and Course Recognition: Once at the golf course the GPS will automatically recognize it from the pre-loaded ones. It will also recognize the next hole automatically when playing.
  • Shot Measurement: This GPS does not only measure your shots but does so with an accuracy that can only be matched by very few if at all any similar devices.
  • Volume Control: You can adjust the volume level to what you consider ideal or according to where you place the GPS to make it more audible.
  • Multi-Lingual: It comes pre-loaded with eight different languages and hence you are more likely to find a language that you understand.



The GolfBuddy Voice GPS will significantly improve your overall performance in the course. Besides from this there are also many other benefits that a golfer can expect to enjoy by buying this device. Top on the list of the benefits is that it will not just measure the yardages but the distance the pin is from the front center and middle of the green. This puts more information in your hand and hence making it possible for you to enjoy the game much more.


  • It is extremely easy to use. Once the device is fully charged, everything else is done automatically, and all you need to do is figure out what each of the few buttons does.
  • GolfBuddy Voice GPS is convenient to use since you can clip it anywhere you wish whether it is on your cap, belt or any other location convenient for you.
  • No annual or download fees meaning you will not have to spend anything else on the GPS besides from its buying price.
  • This GPS has exceptional course coverage and so most players will enjoy using it.


  • The voice may sound mechanical and can be a little hard to hear before you get used to this GPS.
  • Unlike other more advanced Golf GPS devices the GolfBuddy Voice GPS has limited features.


For all golf enthusiast who like buying and using amazing golf wearables, the GolfBuddy Voice GPS is a must have. As small as it may be it has an enormous amount of course and hole information that will be very beneficial to your game. The few shortcomings can easily be overcome, and it will also not cost you much, and so it is worth trying out in your next golf outing. And chances are you will never play another game without using it.

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