GolfBuddy World Platinum GPS Rangefinder Review

GolfBuddy World Platinum GPS Rangefinder Review

Golf Buddy has been in business for many years, and in this time, they have set the bar very high in the manufacture and distribution of golf equipment. And so every time they release any device golfers only expect top notch quality and performance. This was the case for me when I went out to buy the World Platinum GPS, and I was not disappointed as I got way much more than I even expected. Looking at this GPS device, it looks just like any other standard handheld golf GPS especially those from Golf Buddy.

However, when you get to use it, you will realize that it is probably one of the best currently on the market. Personally, what I liked most about it is that it calculates the distance you hit with each club and hence it will advise you on the club to use based on this distance. I found this very helpful since I do not have to waste time choosing the right club.

Features and Specifications


Since this device comes from one of the most respected names in the manufacture and distribution of golf equipment then you can rightfully expect to get many benefits when using it. And it does not disappoint since it comes packed with many features but the greatest benefit that you will get from using World Platinum is increased club distance measurement accuracy. Of all the GPS rangefinders that I have ever used this is by far the most accurate one. The accuracy is also consistent as you can be assured of accurate measurements on every shot.




Overall this is one the best Golf GPS device currently available on the market, and it is a significant improvement of the previous editions from GolfBuddy. Although there are others from different manufacturers with slightly better features, they are way more expensive than this. There are also no fees, and it comes with many preloaded courses, and so it will give you great value for the money spent. And so this is a good option for any golfer whether they are starting off or are seasoned players.