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GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer Review

GolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyzer Review

I have been golfing for close to a decade now, and I must admit I love this sport so much and play at least five times a month. And I have invested a lot of money in wearable’s and other equipment to improve my game. Like most golfers I find it easier to learn if I can clearly see what am doing wrong. And this is exactly what the GolfSense 3D offers as it provides a great visual of a swing and so you can quickly identify where the issues are. It is also tiny and compact, and the fact that it attaches on the glove rather than the club also makes it perfect. Apart from the fact that it uses a lot of battery, there is probably nothing else negative I saw in this device. In fact, it is simply the best swing analyzer I have ever used in my many years of golfing.


Features and Specifications

  • Swing Comparison: It is possible to compare swings from different times side by side or compare with friends.
  • Swing Sharing: You can share your swing data with friends on popular social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and even via email.
  • Free App Download: The app that you need for the swing to work is free for download from the App store.
  • Attachment: It attaches on the glove instead of the club for more convenience.
  • Swing Metrics: You can evaluate your game with different swing parameters to ensure rapid improvement.
  • Weight and Battery: its light weight and you will hardly notice it on your hand. The battery is rechargeable and can last up to 5 hours.
  • Tips and Drills: You can get personalized tips and drills from experts and other golfers.
  • Measurements: GolfSense 3D measures the tempo, hand path, back swing, hip rotation, swing plane, club head speed and much more.
  • It Works For Both Hands– Right or left-hand players can use it without any particular configurations.
  • Plane Comparison: You can compare between downswing and backswing.



If you choose to use the GolfSense 3D you can be assured of several benefits and your swing will never be the same since it measures several things including velocity, hand direction, and angular momentum. Its biggest advantage is that it measures all these things more accurately than most other devices available on the market. Apart from this, it will also make it possible for you to compare swings from different times and so you can easily track your consistency or inconsistency.


  • Comes with clean and easy to install mobile apps that are also very easy to use and navigate through. This is especially so when using tablets.
  • Has a 3D path visualization that will help you modernize your gaming experience. The data provided is also more accurate than what you would get from other devices.
  • The hand path visualization that the device provides is also unique, and so it can give you an edge when playing.
  • It is attached on the glove, and this makes a lot of difference by offering you the convenience of not having to take it off every time you change a club.


  • It does not have automatic club selection option, and so you have to choose the club that you want to use for every shot manually.
  • Although it is an excellent device, it will probably work best for you if you combine it with a coach and so it will not help eliminate the need to hire a coach to help improve your swing.


The only notable shortcoming of GolfSense 3D is that it uses a lot of power, and so when playing the 18 holes it can drain your phone. Apart from this everything else is perfect and the information that it will offer is very useful to your game. The price also shows that it is a high-quality golf device and any golfer who is serious about improving his or her swing then the GolfSense 3D is worth buying.

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