Halo X Ray 600 Cheap Laser Range Finder Reviews

Wildgame Innovations Halo X-Ray 600 review

Whether you are a shooter, a hunter, or a golf player, rangefinders are extremely important so you can easily see your target and decide if it is okay for you to shoot that way. With the scanning mode you get to see the entire field area on the display and you can check out if there are some targets out there which are near to you. It comes with a nylon case so it remains damage free and portable all the time. This is a great tool as it will give you the bigger perspective and magnify it 6 times while letting you stand at the exact same spot. And it doesn’t costs you much. So it world’s great, and is cheap; that makes up a great combination. Here we will give you a detailed Halo X ray 600 review.

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Key features and specifications

The design

The halo X ray 600 is a great rangefinder with an ergonomically designed exterior. This allows it to be easily held in your hand without slipping it over. The lens is present on the outside and the eye piece on the back side through which you can easily scroll to find a target. It has a water resistant body that makes it perfect to be taken while camping, or in rainy days. This baby will not break down it is made specifically for your wild trips. It comes with a nylon case that keeps the range finder safe and secure inside it whenever you are travelling without causing it any damage.

The cost

The best thing about the halo x ray 600 range finder, and what differentiates it from other range finders in the market today is that it is cheap. So you don’t have to spend a fortune or all your savings to get better hunting trips or have a better golfing experience. This range finder will come in lesser price and will give the best results that are in comparison to the more expensive range finders out there. This makes the halo x ray 600 range finder one of the best and a cheap range finder in the market today. The cheap range finder review given by majority of the customers mentioned the fact that this rangefinder is quite affordable compared to other rangefinders.

The visual guide

Via https://www.amazon.com/

The halo X-Ray 600 rangefinder has a viewing range of 600 yards. So if you are going to a camping trip and you want to hunt then this range finder will you near to perfect results by scanning out till 600 yards in front of you that too by magnifying the picture to 6 times. According to the company it has an estimation of +/- 1 yard, but some customers have reported it to have some errors after 100 yards. Keeping in account with the slope the range finder will calculate the image and give you the correct approximate. For the purpose of constant ranging and finding out other possible targets and/or obstacles, there is the scan mode. Through the scan mode instead of getting a pictorial display you will get a magnified real time display of the whole field so you can calculate your odds effectively.

What customers say?

Customers are generally positive about this range finder giving it 3.9 stars out of 5. This is a great score considering that it does lack some features like fog mode and accuracy but it still gives great results for something that is so cheap and easily affordable. It is great for beginners, but for those who aim higher and more difficult target then maybe you can invest in some more to get a better range finder.


In a nutshell, this rangefinder is perfect for those who are into golf, or hunting or another of such sports and recreational activities. You get great viewing range you get a good magnification and that too in cheap rates. This puts halo X-Ray 600 as the best range finder available in its price range.