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Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder Review

Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder Review

I have always been fascinated with golfing tools and equipment especially the small gadgets that help you measure distances in the course. The rangefinders are my favorite golfing equipment and am always looking to find the best in my pursuit becoming a better golfer. When I first used the Red Hot rangefinder from Laser link, it was an enriching experience since it had all the essential features but something was still amiss.

The manufacturers must have read my mind because the Red Hot 2 seems to have made up for all the shortcomings of the previous device with some additional features. However, what made me, a happier golfer is the increased targeting of up to 1000 yards and the lighter weight. With the Red Hot 2 I never have to worry about the device failing me in distance measurement accuracy, and it’s also much lighter in my hand than its predecessor. Ever since I started using this rangefinder, I am now able to concentrate more on the game.


Features and Specifications

  • Power Source: Red Hot 2 is powered by a rechargeable 9-volt alkaline battery that gives it a decent battery life.
  • Red Dot Aiming: The red dot that appears once you power it up help you aim to the particular target and hence also helping to increase accuracy.
  • Increased Range: This is perhaps what most people will like about the device as it can accurately measure distances of up to 1000 yards.
  • Speed: It has been given some improved electronics and optics for more accurate and faster measurements.
  • The Grip: Ergonomically designed rubber grip has been given new curves and so the rangefinder will have a new feel on the hand. This also makes it more comfortable.
  • Weight and dimension: It weighs 6.4 ounces, and its dimensions are 5.3 x 2 x 3.1.
  • Unit of Measurement: It can Measure in meters or yards.
  • Display: Comes with an external LCD from where you get to see and read the distances measured.
  • Yardage Confirmation: There are three confirmation settings in the device which are Vibrate, Silent, and Audio.

Benefit of Using the Laser Link Red Hot 2


The greatest benefit that this rangefinder will offer you is the ability to measure long distances on the course faster and more accurately. Any golfer whether they are pro’s or armatures will tell just how important accurate measurements of the course are. In fact being able to measure the distance accurately can be the difference between winning and losing. Red Hot 2 will completely change your golfing experience, and the difference is evident even in the first few minutes when you start using it.


  • It's very light and has a compact design making it easier and comfortable to work with during a game.
  • Red Hot 2 is faster and more accurate than its predecessor and most rangefinders in the same price range.
  • Easy to use and lets you see how far it is to the bunkers, trees, and others hazards on the course.
  • This rangefinder eliminates the need to use reflectors when measuring distances even when you cannot see it.
  • Offers more convenience as it can measure in yardages or meters.


  • It may be very frustrating to use this device if you cannot hold your hands steady as this will affect the measurements.
  • You have to keep on taking it out and back when you want to measure the distance and this will consume a lot of time.


Golfers who do not mind carrying small golfing gadgets around the course will find the Red Hot 2 very useful. It comes fitted with all the fundamental rangefinder features and a few additional features to make sure that you have an enriching experience on the course. This rangefinder is also reasonably priced and has a decent cost value ratio, and so it’s worth trying out. It can not be denied that Laser Link Red Hot 2 is one of the best Golf Rangefinder.

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