Leupold GX-3i Series Digital Rangefinder Review

Leupold GX-3i Rangefinder Review

According to the Leupold gx-3i review this rangefinder has almost all the advanced features that are required for a perfect game. From sturdy construction to the Pin Hunter technology all the features of the rangefinder are made to give the ease to the user. It quickly scans across the images and give the better results on a readable OLED display. You can now better lock onto your targets by using the advanced features of the golf rangefinder. The Leupold reviews also express the popularity of the rangefinder among the brilliant players. For that reason, it is loved by most of the golf lovers.

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Pros and cons




According to the Leupold rangefinder reviews it has following main features:

Compact size

The rangefinder reviews have revealed that this golf rangefinder is small in size and because of that it is not too heavy. You can easily carry it and hold it. That adds the convenience while using it.

Solid grip

According to the Leupold gx-3i review this rangefinder is sturdy in its construction. The aluminum body is supported with a rubber exterior that makes the rangefinder easy to hold. You can get the firm grip while using it as its rubber exterior will allow you to do so.

Powerful magnification

After reading the Leupold reviews it can be estimated that this golf range finder has a greater magnification power of 6X. You can now more focus on your targets by twisting and adjusting the eyepiece of the rangefinder. That will make you able to lock onto your target with ease.

Two buttons operations

This range finder is also quite easy to use. There are only two buttons. One is located on the top of the rangefinder and other one is on the left side of the device. The upper button is for on/off mode while on the other hand the second button will allow the user to adjust the settings and to enable the fog mode of the range finder.

Accuracy of results

The Leupold gx-3i review has revealed that this rangefinder is accurate in its functioning. Most of the rangefinders do not work better when they are moved in various directions. They blur the images but this problem has overcome by using this range finder. You can get the better and accurate results of this GX-3i rangefinder even in the bright light conditions.


The Leupold gx-3i review has shown that this rangefinder can be a best option for those who want to invest in something different and reliable. Also it will be a good choice if you will spend your money in buying this range finder because of its accuracy of the results and fast performance.

Who should buy this product?

According to the Leupold rangefinder reviews this is best to use by those golf lovers who want to bring efficiency and improvements in their game. You will really feel the difference after using it as it is a real game changer. It will perfectly lock onto the target and will give you the more flexibility while playing.

What customers say about the product?

The Leupold range finder is popular among the players and it is also considered a real game changer. It has got a feedback score of 4.7 out of 5 because of its efficiency and durability.


According to the Leupold reviews, this golf rangefinder has everything that is needed for a perfect game. Durability, ease of use and latest Pin Hunter technology, all in one quality has made this golf rangefinder best to use.