Leupold PinCaddie Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Leupold PinCaddie Golf Rangefinder Review

Leupold is better known in the military and hunting communities and so when I heard they have golf laser rangefinders I did not know what to expect. I bought the Leupold PinCaddie out of curiosity as I had heard many positive things about it from my golfing companions. I expected something very sophisticated, but it was the complete opposite. So I decided to write a golf laser rangefinder review for this device .

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The first thing that you notice when you start with this device is that the setup is very straightforward and it also very easy to use. When I got to use it on the green the accuracy that I got from as far as 500 yards went beyond my wildest expectations. Another feature that I liked with this rangefinder is the Pin Hunter Targeting that uses a laser beam to determine exactly where the pin is even when you are 300 yards away. This feature will make things way much easier on the course for all golfers.

Features and Specifications


Via https://www.amazon.com/

Although each of the many features in Leupold Pincaddie golf rangefinder has some advantages, the biggest one that you get from using it is accuracy. This rangefinder will give you an accuracy of within one yard when you are as far as 300 yards from the pin. Even if you are further than this it will still maintain a high degree of accuracy. And the best thing is that you do not have to spend much to benefit from these features as it is very affordable. Other benefits are its ease of operation that helps to ensure you do not waste time trying to figure out measurements, and it is also a legal USGA rangefinder.




The Leupold PinCaddie is a very basic laser rangefinder, but it has all the features required to measure distances on the green. It might not have the many fancy features that come with modern devices, but its accuracy and speed of measuring distances will impress many golfers. It is also one of the most affordable Leupold rangefinders, and so it is perfect when on a budget. With all factors considered this device is worth trying out especially for golfers that prefer simple easy to use gadgets.