Nikon COOLSHOT Best Laser Rangefinder

Nikon COOLSHOT Laser Rangefinder
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Review Summary:

Nikon COOLSHOT best laser rangefinder is ideal for both beginners and the tournament players. Both its standard and slope editions are specialized for playing a specific match. It is also widely used by the coaches and the instructors.

Nikon CoolShot Best Laser Rangefinder

Today, technology has made it possible to play with perfection. Talking about the golf play, the invention of golf range finder has nearly made it perfect to play a game with more precision, as it allows a person to consider all the important happenings that are taking place at that moment. You can check the weather, elevation, distance, slopes and a lot more. There are lots of companies that are specialized in making the golf range finder but the best one is Nikon that is the first company that has got the fame in making of optics. Similar is the case with Nikon Cool Shot best laser rangefinder. The rangefinders of Nikon are considered one of the best rangefinders in the world.

  • Light weight and compact: The Nikon Cool-shot is very light in weight and its weight is about 6 ounces. It means you can easily carry it and put it in your pocket. However there is a neck strap provided along with the range finder, so you can also hang it in your neck.
  • Priority mode: The first priority mode of this best golf range finder enables a person to measure the distance of the nearest object. Then after that it exactly measures the distance from the flag stick. In this way, you can neglect all the background objects and approach your shots in a better way.
  • Reliable: The Nikon range finder is reliable to use as it makes the exact measurements and gives the precise readings.
  • Easy to use: This range finder is quite easy to use and handle. It is compact in size and it only has two buttons to perform all the operations. So it is simple in this way.
  • Waterproof: The Nikon range finder is water proof and you can easily use it even in rainy weather. The water proof coating of the range finder enables a person to play a perfect game without being worried.
Nikon COOLSHOT Laser Rangefinder


  • Auto turn off: This range finder also has an auto off ability that saves the power of the battery. You can use this range finder for longer hours than any other range finder.
  • Ideal for both beginners and professionals: The Nikon range finder is perfect for both beginners and the professionals. You can use the standard version of the range finder for tournaments as it only measures the distance. However, the slope edition is more versatile and you can use it for your practice matches.
  • Technology of pin seeking: The advanced pin seeker technology allows you to scan all the backgrounds and displays a flag stick; you can get your results by a single press of a button for 8 seconds.
  • Multi coated optics: The multi coated optics of this range finder gives you the brighter results of all those objects that are on course by transmitting the more light.

Pros and cons


  • Ready to use: The range finder is compact, lightweight and only having two buttons to perform all the functions so it is ready to use and reliable.
  • Fast speed: The Nikon range finder has a laser technology that gives the instant measurements and the readings to its users.
  • Water proof: It is also ideal to play in most extreme weathers as well because of its water proof nature.
  • Grabs plenty of light: This range finder is able to grab a plenty of light so gives the brighter views of the images by transmitting more light.
  • Eye relief: The large ocular lens enable a person to view the wide range of field and as well as it`s lens also gives the comfort of the eyes.


  • Limited warranty: It has a limited warranty of one year.
  • Minimum detection: It shows an ability of minimum detection for smaller and darker objects.

Who should buy this product?

Nikon COOLSHOT Laser Rangefinder


The Nikon best golf laser rangefinder is ideal for both beginners and the tournament players. Both its standard and slope editions are specialized for playing a specific match. It is also widely used by the coaches and the instructors.

What customers say?

After going through many golf rangefinder reviews, the Nikon range finder is among the best range finders and it has got a feedback store of 4.4 out of 5. The customers rely on this product due to its extraordinary features.


The Nikon golf rangefinder exhibits the best features. It is ideal for all the golf lovers and if you want to improve your game then this range finder is must for you.

  • Updated August 28, 2017

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