Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set Review

Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set Review

Pinemeadow Men’s PGX set is what every new golfer needs when getting on the course for the first time. This 9-piece set has all the clubs that you need to get started, and they are all high quality. The 460cc Driver with a graphite shaft is perfect for beginners as it is quite accurate. Apart from this, the set also has an impressive 3-Wood, 4-Hybrid, 5-PW Irons and it also comes with headcovers for your three big clubs. And if you factor in the fact that it is very affordable you will have an excellent set that you can use to launch your golfing career.

Features and Benefits




When starting to play golf, you should make sure that you do not spend a lot of money on clubs. There are many reasons why expert will give newbies this advice, but the fact that they will probably damage the clubs, and they may not end up playing the game for long are the main ones. And so the fact Men’s PGX Set from Pinemeadow will not cost you a lot of money to buy is enough reason to buy it. However, the clubs are also high-quality, and the set comes with all the clubs that a new golfer will need to play the game. They are also very forgiving, and they look and feel great. But, you cannot overlook the fact that some players also complain that the driver’s head is not very quality and a few other things such as the fact that it does not come with a bag. Good advice for a beginner is always to compare the merits and demerits of a club. For this set, the benefits outweigh the cons by far, and this makes it an excellent choice for beginners as it will help them learn the game fast. The affordable price also means that you will not feel any loss when upgrading in the future.