Precision Pro Golf Nexus Laser Rangefinder Review

Precision Pro Golf Nexus Laser Rangefinder Review

Whether you are an everyday golf player, or you just like to play a few rounds occasionally, you still need a good rangefinder like the Nexus from Precision Pro Golf. It is a compact and light device that has a range of 400 yards while maintaining an accuracy of +/- a yard, 6x Magnification, Advanced Target Lock and Scanning Function. This device comes with a 3-volt battery, a lanyard, cleaning cloth and a beautiful carry case.

Features and Specification


The greatest benefit that you get from the Nexus Laser Rangefinder is fast and accurate focusing. You will never have to waste any precious time trying to focus on the target because this device will not only acquire it quickly but will also give you remarkable accuracy. It is also comfortable and lightweight meaning that you will not have any trouble using it for several hours.




Affordability, ease of use and usefulness are the three things that Precision Pro Golf focuses on when manufacturing their rangefinders and these traits are the key features of the Nexus Laser Rangefinder. Picking out a rangefinder is not always easy because most either do not have enough features or they have more than you need. But, this device just has all the right elements that you need to improve your game. From the comfortable grip to the accurate readouts everything about it is just amazing, and it will always give you all the information you need to choose the right club for each play. To sum it all up Nexus is an excellent buy, and this is more so when working on a tight budget.