Ragu LR600 Golf Rangefinder Review

Ragu LR600 Golf Rangefinder Review

Ragu LR600 is a basic golf rangefinder that has all the essential features that you need to get measurements when on the course. It is a very affordable device that you can also use for several other things besides from golf. It has PinSeeker Technology, and so you will never worry about locating the flagstick. This amazing device also has a 20 Seconds Continuous Measurement feature, and it has an impressive range because it can measure up to 656 yards accurately. LR600 can also measure in meters, yards or feet and it comes with a free battery that will take you for several hours without having to recharge it.

Features and Specifications


A rangefinder is very beneficial to a golfer when on the course and with this particular one you also get an inbuilt PinSeeker that will help you locate the flagstick quickly. Another benefit is that it is not only very accurate, but it also measures the distances very fast. And if you add all this to the fact that you can also use it for other applications such as racing and hiking then you have a top notch rangefinder.




Ragu might not be the most famous company in the manufacture of golf rangefinders, but their products prove that it is a reliable company. The LR600 is one of their best rangefinders, and it easily compares with some of the most reputable brands on the market. It has all essential features of a rangefinder and an excellent battery life that will ensure that you can use it for several rounds. This device is also very affordable and measures the distances very fast. However, it has a few flaws such as the lack of backlight and the unappealing appearance. But, if you compare all the advantages and the few negative things the pros still take the day and this means that it is worth spending your money on it.