SKB Deluxe Standard ATA Golf Travel Case Review

 SKB 2SKB-4814W Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case Review

SKB Deluxe Standard ATA is one of the best golf bags for travelling currently available on the market, and one reason for this is because it is constructed to meet the highest ATA shipping container specifications. It has a TSA Lock System that helps keep your golf bag safe and also makes inspection easier at the airport. A perfect match valance bending system provides protection against moisture, dirt and dust and the case it also contoured to fit most types of carry and cart bags. It is a very lightweight case to ensure that it does not add significant weight to your luggage and to top up everything it comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty.


Features and Benefits



A golf bag is one of the best things a golfer could ever wish for but it has its limitations, and most of them are evident when moving your gear for long distances. However, you can solve almost all of these challenges with a quality case like the SKB Deluxe Standard ATA. This case is designed to protect your gear against all the common things that they face such as dust, moisture and damages from falls or bumping into other things when on transit. It is unyielding meaning that it can withstand almost anything, and it has TSA locks to keep everything safe. Although it also has a few shortcomings the benefits that you get from it are greater than the few cons. And to sum it all, it is affordable and hence making it perfect for a golfer.