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Skygolf Skypro Swing Analyzer
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I love golf and due to this act alone I have invested a fortune in making myself better at the game. However, despite investing a lot of time and resources I had never found any equipment or tool that had as much impact on my swing as the SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer.

When I was first introduced to SkyPro, I was quite skeptical, and I didn’t even think that it will add any value to my game. My thinking was that it was one of those devices that give you many numbers that you never know how to use. However, on using this analyzer I was able to gather more information about my swing than ever before. After analyzing the swings using the device, I good an in-depth analysis of the areas I need to work, and I can tell you for sure that my swing is no longer what it used to be.

Skygolf Skypro Swing Analyzer


Features and Specifications

  • Long battery life: SkyPro comes with a battery that has an 8-hour life when fully charged which is a significant advantage for any golfer. The most significant shortcoming with these types of devices is the short battery life but with SKyPro this will never be a worry.
  • Smart Calibration: The device has been calibrated to make it as accurate as possible, and so you can always trust the results that you get.
  • Custom Groove Targets: To track your progress better you can set a particular goal, and when you achieve it, you will receive Groove Medals. This helps to make sure that you are making a significant improvement on your swings.
  • Swing sharing: If you wish to brag to your friends or compare your swing with theirs this device makes it possible for you to share swing data. This can be through Bluetooth or an email.
  • Swing Filtering: SkyPro can store thousands of swings and so it is equipped with filtering and tagging tools to help you manage your swing library.
  • Ruggedized: This device has been designed to withstand anything that you bring its way, and so it will take those aggressive practice rounds with ease.

How to use it?

Skygolf Skypro Swing Analyzer


To use the SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer you first have to attach it to your golf club using the simple thumb screw that comes with it. The device fits on any club, and so you will be able to use it on all your clubs. The second step is to download and install the app on your phone so as to do the calibration for your clubs. The calibration process is also very simple as you only need to place the phone flat on the ground and then and make a few rotations with the club. The app has to be in detection mode for the calibration to take place. After the calibration, the device is now ready to use, and it will detect automatically the club in use and send swing data via Bluetooth to the App.

Benefits of Using SkyPro

The main advantage of using this device is that it will improve your swing. The device will help you identify flaws in your swing and give you valuable tips on how to improve it. All this will be done in real time while you are playing and hence making it more efficient.


  • Very easy to set up and use.
  • It does not limit you to one camera angle as it gives you a 3D Freedom of view.
  • You can be able to play back your swing in real time and at variable speeds.
  • You can be able to compare between different swings in your swing library.
  • It makes it possible for you to zoom in for a close-up view of any point in your swing.


  • This device is quite expensive.
  • It only provides information related to your swing, and so it cannot be used to analyze other important aspects of your game.


If you are a golfer who has always struggled with their swinging ability or one that wants more insight on their swing, the SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer is a must have. There is probably no other device on the market that will provide you with better information than this, and so I would highly recommend it for any golfer

  • Updated August 30, 2017

I am Brian Jame, a property dealer. I love playing golf and have over 15 years for this game. As a member of GolfLover and, I am willing to share experiences and tips/tricks to improve your golf game as well as provide golf equipment buying guides and reviews.