Sun Mountain C130 Golf Cart Bag Review

Sun Mountain C130 Golf Cart Bag Review

Sun Mountain C130 is the best selling golf bag from Sun Mountain, and the fact that the company has dozens of other products on their inventory shows just how good it is for carrying your golf gear. It has been designed specifically for use on carts with all pockets front facing for easier and more convenient access. However, Sun Mountain C130 Golf Cart Bag does not just have large multipurpose pockets as it has two for cloth and two others for storing valuables. This bag also has a pass-through strap that will not only hold it firmly in place but also does not interfere with any of the pockets.


Features and Benefits




Sun Mountain C130 golf cart bag may not have all the fancy features that you can find in other more advanced cart bags, but it has all that you will ever need in a bag. It is very easy to strap on the bag, and the strap does not come in the way of any of the front facing pockets and hence you can still access them freely even on the go. Although it might not be the cheapest, it will cost you less than other top models on the market. Its merits outweigh the demerits by far, and this makes it an excellent investment for any golfer who wants to solve his or her mobility to and from the course and also when moving around during a game.