Sun Mountain Three 5 Golf Stand/Carry Bag Review

Sun Mountain Three 5 Golf Stand/Carry Bag Review

Manufacturers in the golf industry are always trying to improve their products. And even some of those that most customers think are perfect also get regular updates so as to keep up with the intense competition. The Three 5 Stand/Carry Bag is extremely popular, and it features a wider top that is flared to make club retrievals easier and faster than in other bags. It also has a new score card pocket and other six pockets to make a total of seven with 5 of them having zippers. This bag comes in a variety of colors and a new body styling. The body has a more durable material when compared to the other Sun Mountain golf bags.


Features and Benefits




Sun Mountain almost never disappoints when it comes to the manufacture of golf bags and they are always improving their products to make things easier for the average golfer. The Sun Mountain Three 5 Stand/Carry bag keeps up with this reputation, and you will not regret buying one. It has more than enough storage space for all your clubs and the other typical things you may wish to carry to the green. Apart from this is also one of the best golf bags and has no significant flow or disadvantages. And so with all things considered and weighing between its pros and cons this bag is worth trying out.