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Texan Classics Gun Metal Wedge Review

Texan Classics Gun Metal Wedge Review

If you are looking for the best wedge for high handicappers this set by Texan Classics will be an excellent choice. Texan Classics makes the Gun Metal with both beginners and experienced golfers in mind because the wedges are both accurate and easy to use. It is a set of three wedges with different lofts but at the price of one.

The company uses stainless steel for the head to increase spin and accuracy and True Temper steel for the shaft to make them high-performing. The shaft is in a regular flex which is what high handicappers prefer to use. Also, the three wedges come with a stylish Gun Metal finish.


Features and Design

  • Stainless Steel Head: The stainless steel head is one of the most impressive features of the wedges. Apart from making them durable the stainless steel makes them high performing and gives the head a forged feel. This steel club head also increases the spin and accuracy of the wedges.
  • Loft: These clubs come in progressive lofts which are 52, 56 and 60 degrees. And so they will be useful for a variety of shots which means that they will add some versatility to your golf club set.
  • Shaft: The shaft is a high-quality true temper steel that is also high performing and very durable. And it comes in a regular flex which is suitable for different kinds of players.
  • Look: Texan Classic gives the wedges a Gun Metal finish that makes them look stylish and very classy. This finish also reduces glare to make the wedges comfortable to use even under the direct sun.


  • The forged feel head provides excellent control.
  • It has an appealing and confidence-boosting Gun Metal finish.
  • The wedges come in a set of three clubs.
  • This wedge set will provide versatile options for different shots since the wedges come in progressive lofts.
  • Each of the three wedges comes with an all-weather grip.
  • The true temper steel shaft increases the durability of the wedges and enhances their performance.
  • It is a very affordable set of three wedges
  • They are precise and accurate wedges that also offer a very responsive feel.


  • The paint on the lettering begins to chip off after a few months.
  • Some golfers do not like the all-weather rubber grip.
  • All three wedges feel longer than regular ones.
  • There are only for men's right-hand play.


The Texan Classic Gun Metal is a set of three wedges that will provide the tools that you need to get closer to the flag. Despite the fact that you get three clubs you will not need to spend any extra cash as they come at the price of one. But, the best thing about the wedges is that they provide a very responsive feel and are also very accurate.

If you also consider other things like the comfortable all-weather grip and the stylish Gun Metal finish you will see just how amazing these wedges will be for any golfer. But, you cannot also overlook the few shortcomings such as the paint chipping off after a few months. However, if you weigh between the positive and negative elements of these wedges, you will see that they are worth buying and trying out.

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